Timeless Time

Dandelion Clock by Karen  Casey-Smith (KarenCaseySmith) on 500px.com
Dandelion Clock by Karen Casey-Smith

I dread the moment which must be,
that moment when I dare to leave

the blessed spot I pen these lines
where perfection’s spell has come to find.

For breezes rumple hair and chimes
lifting laundry fragrance sublime.

And vacationing birds serenade in song
on their way home where they belong.

And just as quickly as it comes
the melody of timeless time is gone.

Celebrating timeless moments with Ann:

202. Days of perfection.

203. Have I mentioned the sound of frogs in the forest?

204. Foreign birds visiting my neighborhood on their way south.

205. Sleepy shadows stretch lazily on my front porch.

206. Summer seating pulled out of hibernation!

207. Swampy fields teem with life.

208. Phone photos turning out like Monet masterpieces.

209. Fixed grills and summer firsts.

…sharing a playdate with Laura:

….finding heaven with Jen:

…hanging out with L.L.: On In Around button

…sharing with Shandra:

13 thoughts on “Timeless Time

  1. Your words drip relaxation and springtime. Makes me look forward to the lazy days of summer. Beautiful photos, sometimes phones can suprise with an amazing picture!

    • Yes, it was summer-like for a couple of weeks, but alas we will now have to suffice with spring…(sigh) I usually love 50’s and 60’s, but after upper 70’s? I fear I’ve been spoiled!

  2. Beautiful, Kim. I felt such peace. Here is sunny south Florida spring is in the air. As I type birds are sitting positioned in the trees, with wings fluttering they too are embracing the newness of spring.

  3. Makes my mind fill with the smell of grass, flowers and clean wind blowing Winter up and away from all the corners where it tries to hide πŸ™‚

  4. I’m glad you liked my picture, Dandelion Clock, so much that you wanted to use it with your lovely poem. Thanks so much for your comment at 500px, and I appreciate you providing a link back to my work.

    If anyone wishes to use one of my pictures for a blog post, please write to me through my website to make a request. I almost always say yes. πŸ™‚

    • I’m so glad that this is how you are picturing me…because right now I’m in mismatched pj’s, unbrushed teeth and hair and what I smell doesn’t come close to laundry!!!

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