New Beginnings – Painting Prose

Soft breezes play music with the neighbor’s wind chimes. And I am in awe; surprised at how winter’s oppression can be heavy one day and amazed at the hope that comes with even one spring day. It wipes dismay away like a windshield wiper on a misty morning.

I am almost giddy with the newness of everything. I notice it in the voices on the other end of the telephone…the sound of smiles so big that they hurt cheeks.

And I ask myself, “Why do I let this joy slip away? This joy unspeakable and full of glory?” The very One who reminds me of New Life in green grass, robin eggs, and baby bunnies is the same, yesterday, today and forever. He remains constant in a world that changes so quickly that my newest gadget is obsolete before my milk goes sour.

He is there in the dead silence of winter. He is there in the blaze of fall. And yet it is spring that makes me want to twirl in a new summer dress like I did when I was a five year old girl, patent leather shoes and all. It’s just so easy to see Him right about now.

He peels back the green on the budding flowers. He unfolds leaves with careful attention. He shows us that there is life after death, if we just trust Him through the winter.

Where do you see Him, in the beauty of spring?

If this is your first time here, let me explain what we are all about. We are a community started by Emily Wierenga. It was called Imperfect Prose. She is on a bit of a vacation as she has some extra responsibilities at the moment.

If you are new, please check out Emily’s blog. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and you need to be acquainted with the woman who made all of this happen!


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33 thoughts on “New Beginnings – Painting Prose

    • I have the opposite problem. We have had glorious weather and we will for almost two weeks! The temperatures have been between 20-30 degrees above normal! It will be a harsh reality when things get back to Chicago spring weather! I choose joy!

    • I know….everything is WAY early here, by at least a month. It’s so nice. Now I’ll have to start praying that there won’t be any extreme cold snaps to ruin all of the new growth!

  1. Love the way seasons in nature reflect the spiritual seasons as well. It seems the warm weather is awakening hearts to new life and the joy that comes with it. Perhaps our heart resonates with what the mind cannot comprehend in circumstance. Resurrection is on its way!

  2. Winter is like being wrapped in a blanket, all snuggly and cocooned. Spring is the throwing off of the blanket and stepping outside!!! I’m tired of waiting for winter and ready to fling myself into Spring!!!

    • Spring has sprung here! and far too early to trust. We’ve had almost a week of perfect, sunny, record breaking warm days. Waiting for reality to hit! But that’s okay. I’ll enjoy cooler weather too!

  3. Oh yes, He is definitely all around in the beauty of Spring. Right now, the birds are going crazy outside – calling to one another as the sky continues to change from dark to light blue. It is lovely.

  4. Oh, the sweetness of spring. I’m pretty sure old man winter is hiding behind her skirt. He’s not gone yet, even if my daffodils are getting ready to bloom and my crocuses are already giving me hope.

    • Weeds? What weeds? Spring sees no weeds or bugs and with continued heat and growth….here they come! In fact, I already have ants in the kitchen and tons of gnats in the house…a sure sign that this early warm weather and a record breaking warm winter means BUGS! I shudder to think of how bad the mosquitos are going to be.

  5. Why do I let joy slip away? Sometimes I forgot that I have an enemy of my soul who wants to steal my joy. I need to remember to guard it. The practice of gratitude has been, for me, a means of attending to joy.

    I finally remembered to link! I had some trouble getting the button code to work at my place, though. Sorry!

  6. Oh, spring! Giddy is the word to describe how we welcome this new season in Iowa 🙂 Thanks for stopping by the Overflow and sharing about “lacey day”.. can’t wait to celebrate that, too. Just the image made me smile!

    Blessings to you.

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