My 5 Favorite Cookies – Friday Favorites

5. Pepperidge Farm – Milano…actually I love any Pepperidge Farm Cookie

4. Girl Scout Peanut Butter Cookie – Don’t they bring back memories?

3. Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies – I can’t stop eating these, so I just don’t buy them.

2. Christmas Snowball Cookies – when these are in the house during the holidays, I won’t stop eating them until they are all gone. Thank goodness Christmas comes just once a year!

1. Alexis’ Brown Sugar Cookies – This is a recipe submitted to Martha Stewart’s Entertaining cookbook, by her daughter Alexis. They are EVERYBODY’S favorite. My friends started asking for them by their own name, “Ugly Cookies”. Over a pound of butter and 4 cups of sugar make the consistency like toffee. Yummm….If you click on the photo, the link will direct you to the recipe.

Happy Eating!

What are your favorite cookies?

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