Crushed, But Not Broken – A Way You Can Help Stop Human Trafficking (remix)- Painting Prose

...and stop crying your heart out by Carine Felgueiras (carinefel)) on
…and stop crying your heart out by Carine Felgueiras

I recently heard of a young girl, known in my circle of friends.

Not somewhere else

…exotic and distant,

But here, nearby…

a summer’s walk away,

in a house just like mine.

A girl, fiery and opinionated;

Insisted she knew better,

even at the pain of her family.

She left,

 seeking freedom
and Liberation from the tyrannical rules of curfews and text checks.

Looking for love in all the wrong places.

And finding it,

just down the street from me.

Deceitful plagiarism called love.

The monsters deemed friends

had plans for her.

Plans to rape her and rip her heart out…

to strip her of human dignity.

She found herself chained to a bed.

Three. infinity. years.

A sex slave.

Imprisoned beyond imagination.

Treated like waste,

Less than human,

A sheet her only covering.

Passed off as a possession.

Sold for pennies.

Greed used her,

Like a disposable fast food cup,

Crushed, but not broken.


Grace found her,

Helped her escape.

Ironing out the wrinkles,

He tells her His plan:

A plan for good and not for evil.

His plan to make something beautiful

out of her nearly crushed life.

The greatest miracle of all?

That life can be beautiful again

for one such as this.

Is it more impossible

than the blind seeing,

the deaf hearing?

But butterflies break beyond their cocoon

and flit away to freedom.

Drinking nectar from a flower cup

dancing on the breath of God.

Oh dear one,

dare I hope…

dare I believe

the same for you?



Please consider purchasing this beautiful cookbook. The recipes are fantastic, (this writer might just have a few in there!) Just click on the picture and proceed to checkout. The proceeds from the profit go towards the Kwagala Project, which helps rescue young women in Africa from human trafficking. To find out more about the incredible story of this cookbook project visit my other blog, What In The World R U Doing 4 Christ’s Sake?

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79 thoughts on “Crushed, But Not Broken – A Way You Can Help Stop Human Trafficking (remix)- Painting Prose

  1. You took to vial and vulgar and made it visible, verifiable. You force us to see it – and to determine what we must do. And we must. do.

    • The thing that really sobered me is the proximity that this happened to my home, here in the US. It’s a worldwide problem. I’m going to be sharing about an opportunity to help on Tuesday over at my new blog What In the World R U Doing For Christ’s Sake? Thanks for stopping by, I love reading your blog.

  2. Heart-rending, yet hopeful. Reminds me of an old saying, “Better to be like the willow, bending before the storm with quiet grace, than to be like an oak, meeting the wind with fierce strength and be broken.”
    Well done. I look forward to finding out how I can help end this heartless cruelty.

  3. This cut me deep and makes me weep. I know it’s an actuality of the world today and it makes me sick. Thank you for the words and the shaking and awakening of a tragedy of humanity disrespecting humanity. And restoration can happen, but not often enough.

    • It makes me afraid to let me children out…even though they are college aged. But like the threats of the terrorists, we must be aware, but never back down. My neighborhood belongs to the Lord, I have claimed it as Kingdom territory!

  4. This is definitely an issue near to my heart. Oh, if only they knew how cruel this world is, but we try to shelter our children from the horrific things in life. It’s a hard place to be. Thank God, He is able to bring beauty from ashes.

  5. Nothing is beyond His redeeming love. This is so beautifully, poignantly, powerfully written. Thank you for sharing the things we find so difficult to bear. We need to care.

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  7. I have felt that tragic impotence of wanting desperately to help, to change things, to do something. I write of it, too, and talk about it even when people want to change the subject to something less writhing and painful, like movies or new recipes. I like movies and food, too, but do we need to ignore it? Thank you, friend for these amazing words AND the opportunity to do a little something to change the course of one person’s life. Bless you,

    • So..I combined deep subjects AND recipes… ;). Thank you for your encouraging words…I can only go places like this occasionally, an I so admire those who choose to stay there to help others.

  8. My heart leapt when I read these words:
    “That life can be beautiful again
    for one such as this.
    Is it more impossible
    than the blind seeing,
    the deaf hearing?”

    Yes, yes, all healing is possible!
    Thank you for your hope, friend.

  9. Oh, I can barely stand to imagine this, yet know it is true. My dear friends work tirelessly in India fighting to free sex slaves. And still we pretend like it’s all over there.. across the sea.. not in our fine country. Thank you for painting the ugly and honest truth and for weaving in that the beauty of hope.

    • There are so many problems we refuse to see right in front of our faces…sometimes I think that it’s a kindness, and that God waits to reveal until we can do something about it. Can you imagine bearing the pain of every hurt in our world? And yet He did that for us!

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