His Hands, His Feet – Premier of Painting Prose


My dear friend Emily Wierenga crafts language into masterpieces and paints pictures beyond words. Everything she touches becomes beauty, and yet these talents aren’t what I love about her most. I ❤ Emily’s <3. She simply does what she feels her Master would do. When she hears someone cry, she offers a tissue. When she sees someone hunger, she brings them food. When she felt this hurting mother’s pain, she reached out aching arms.

And she is an example of His nail scarred Hands and His well traveled Feet, doing the things I talk about on this and my other blog…going the places He would go. She takes on extra children, and she gives her time to families torn by the pain that she’s all too familiar with.

Emily is on hiatus from her meme Imperfect Prose. She has become twice the mother, and twice the author; providing care for two extra boys; and landing two writing contracts. She needs some extra time to accomplish the challenges set before her. Emily has created such remarkable community amongst her readers and those who share on Thursdays at Imperfect Prose, that I couldn’t bear to see it end, even temporarily. So, dear reader, whether you have participated in the past at Imperfect Prose, or if you are new to this group, please be encouraged to share your most heartfelt thoughts with us on Thursdays. The linkup will be activated by 6:00 PM CST each Wednesday and will be open until Friday morning. Let us also remember to pray for our dear sister, Emily, so that she can return to us as soon as possible. No one can encourage with the sweetness she can…

Would you consider including a our meme button on the post you’ve included here?


<a href="https://journeytoepiphany.wordpress.com&#034; target="_blank"><img src="https://journeytoepiphany.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/pp-e1328715484812.jpg&#034; alt="JourneyTowardsEpiphany" width="125" height="125" /></a>

50 thoughts on “His Hands, His Feet – Premier of Painting Prose

  1. I linked up! And I tried to get the button — copied the code and put in the HTML but when I previewed it, it just came up with a box with a ?. This happened to me when I did my SDG retreat button. I had to try a different code, but maybe I’m just getting something wrong??

    • There is a very funny story about the button, I’ll be writing about it next week. My son did it for me. He was in a rush and believes it to be rubbish…I wish I could produce rubbish like his…

  2. totally thnak ful for this !
    Imperfect prose is almost the only way i reflect on ym week and write about things in a simple way. Most time sI write poetry which i try to keep a bit cryptic .. This Prose meme was a relaxing activity. Love that you chose to continue. also , beautiful button !

  3. Would you consider joining Scribbling Spiritual Sand on Mondays 10am till Wednesdays 10am (Central Time)? The next prompt is for Feb 13:”The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.” Psalm 19:1

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