From a train window

Time flies past beauty,

a non-rush hour train not making all of the stops,

passing over “insignificant” moments and spaces.

Destination? Next obligation.

And life melds together

horizontal lines of colors outside a transport window;

blue then green then brick red and concrete gray.

Moments gone forever,

never appreciated and savored

become pinpoint past

with no one to applaud.

I encourage to you look out the window of your life before your beautiful moments have passed! 

Giving thanks with Ann today,

110.  Sacred moments. 

111.  The help of the Holy Spirit to choose joy. 

112.  An altar of remembrance. 

113.  A daughter who shares my passion for English Literature and writing.

114.  Time with my church family and husband at Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage.

115.  Remembering Sarah’s faith.

116.  Ice lace shadows from window to dashboard. 

Sharing with Michelle:

…sharing a playdate with Laura:

….finding heaven with Jen:

…hanging out with L.L.: On In Around button

44 thoughts on “Unnoticed

  1. true that…reminded me of the movie where the guy fast-forwarded all the unpleasant moments…the art of life is to savor the good and the bad moments and make the best out of them maybe..

  2. nice…great treatise on being aware of life passing you by for sure…we busy ourselves with so much and for what purpose…a non rush hour train not making stops is a great line….

    • That’s one of my favorite lines too. It’s so annoying. My daughter couldn’t go to the University of Chicago because the train only stops there during rush hour….rrrr….

  3. Wow, too true, memories of the past fuzzy with horizontal lines from speeding fast…like a drug induced haze. I suppose one does drugs and does nothing which causes life to blur another attempts to do everything…

    Overindulgence no matter which we choose;
    drugs, work, play or booze,
    to feed all our wants

    horizontal lines from speeding fast
    leave blurred memories of our past

    But, if we only, slow, stop, drink
    of this moment, as we read this ink
    breath in Life, allow all senses to feel
    forget the clock, allow time to stand still

    horizontal lines become clear
    moments of life to hold dear

    Carpe Diem.

    Intoxication is intoxicating, and blurs the beauty of life.

  4. I just love that last photo of the lacy patterns on your dash. What a beautiful thing to notice and record.

    I’ve been feeling this rush of time lately. It seems to come in seasons. And if I get behind, look out. The Spirit keeps whispering to me about how I am spending my time, but I’ve yet to figure out what He is saying. Maybe I need to slow and listen, right?

    Hugs to you, Kim.

    • Laura,

      Writing is a frightening way to spend time, because many look at you as though you are doing nothing. I’ve been struggling with feeling lazy, but I must press on toward the mark. Or in this case mark(s).

      Thanks for the hugs, I needed them. ❤ Kim

  5. Loved the ice laced photo. I too stopped and noticed them on a window this weekend. Read last year the idea of making sure every day you captured a ‘perfect moment” that pause you are talking about. I know most of the time I didn’t and it is one habit I want to do more of this year.

  6. Oh my goodness, how poignantly stated. “I encourage to you look out the window of your life before your beautiful moments have passed” I have written this in my journal. I want to capture beautiful moments everyday. Thank you for the encouragement, kd.

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