On Making the Living Room A Holy Place

Some days it’s hard.

Some days I don’t feel like counting,

or searching.  A day like today.

I  have a slight headache from tears,

bad news and fears,

and all is not right with the world.

But I know that beauty is there,

I just don’t care to see her.

I want to be ugly,

and I know that moments of grace

will melt ugliness away

like the rain melts the snow in my backyard.

I force myself to read His Words to me.

Dragging my body like a toddler in tantrum,

kicking and screaming I enter His presence.

“Why one step ahead, two steps backward, Lord?”

the depths of me pour out, unchecked.

Now the sun creeps across my living room floor

to illuminate a sign on my fireplace shelf.

“Great is Thy Faithfulness”

and I am glad that I’m wearing no shoes

for I stand on holy ground.

Hands trembling from exhausted fits of fear,

I open my box of remembrance stones,

and pile stones upon a single sentiment

scrawled on lined paper.

“I choose joy.”

Now an altar rises

a permanent holy place, Bethel,

a monument marker between He and I.

I will not go back.

Sharing with elegant Emily…

46 thoughts on “On Making the Living Room A Holy Place

  1. choosing joy is a beautiful thing…and a choice we have to make constantly…more often than day by day…as is the discipline of reading and drawing close…

  2. I like how clearly you state your need and its fulfillment in prayer. When writing about spiritual states there’s often a tendency among some writers to jump into cosmic statements. This keeps it at home and concrete.

  3. I love how He met you where you were. The stones are a wonderful way to build an altar, I never would have thought of that. Beautiful post.

    • Yes, and I did have a box of favorite stones, but my friend has an even better idea. She collects stones from significant places and times in her life. What a beautiful thing to build an altar of gratitude with!

  4. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.
    –1 Thess. 5:17-18, NLT

  5. I am nominating YOU for a Candle Lighter Award. It may not be the first you’ve receieved and is sure not to be the last, but you are a blessing and you reflect His light beautifully, so I am happy to be able to give this to you!

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  7. Beth-El – means house of God – and this – about that ray of sunshine that illuminated the framed saying in YOUR HOUSE – and “Choose Joy” illuminating you – and I get the NOT wanting to count – all of it I hearted – really did – smiling – thank you kd

  8. i loved this, kd. this was very timely for me to read tonight, over here dealing not with bad news that may ebb away eventually, but bad news that the chronic illness may be a life-long struggle for me. i get the sense maybe this is the type of bad news you speak of too–the kind that doesnt just go away. through this trail, im clinging to Him, come to Him with nothing left-it is all i can do. isnt that what we usually do–come to Him when we have nothing left? He wants to empty us out so He can fill us up. i loved, loved your prose and picture. so heartfelt and transparent.

    blessings in Christ,


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