Supernatural Resolution

I woke up with supernatural resolve this morning.
Resolve to hope against all hope.
Resolve to be a finisher.
Resolve to speak positive words.
Resolve to find beauty.
Resolve to do the laundry.
Resolve to…
…and then…
I screwed up.

And normally I would crumble with embarrassment,
crawl in my hole and believe all the fears that come my way
“You hypocrite!”

But instead,
His kind hand lifted me up from the ashes of my self-created disaster,
and gave me fightin’ words.
His Words.

and I am resolved against all hope.
Resolved to be a finisher.
Resolved to speak positive words.
Resolved to find beauty.
Resolved to do the laundry.
Resolved to…

What are you resolved to do? Let me know in the comment section, for I would dearly love to hear from you.
sharing with dear Emily…

38 thoughts on “Supernatural Resolution

  1. Yes, isn’t it when we have resolved to do those things and feel good about it that we screw it up?! It just reminds us that we need a Savior and are not meant to do this task alone. But, the guilt is lingers. So glad you chose not stay in it!

  2. ah, yes. resolved. . . to be kind, even when the anger wants to bite. and when failure wants to creep in and strangle, i resolve to stand tall and grasp the hand of the One who declares boldly the HE HOLDS ME.
    i needed these words today. thank you.

  3. Success is not in never failing, but rising every time you fall!
    Jonathan Taylor Thomas

    You keep persevering, friend. Our God is a God of second chances. Take his had and rise up to try again.

  4. i resolve to not resolve.

    do you see? i resolve to let Him lead. this is something i ache to understand from Him this year, how to let Him take over and me raise trembling fears laden with fear to heaven and whisper for lack of volume, “take over, please.”

    this is my resolve. hold me to it, sister.

    • Oh, I do understand, dear one! There are times in my life when I know He is drawing me to fall on His mercy and grace, and then there are others, when I am convinced to “Make my body a living sacrifice”….by discpline…

      You are in good hands, and you are such a sweet sister. My life is richer having met you.

  5. I am resolved to get to the bottom of my Inbox. And I will need all the help I can to do so! πŸ˜€
    And never fear trying and failing. Only fear failing to try. πŸ˜‰

  6. I have been there! But now, every morning I start again. And again. Sometimes that’s not so fun, and brings tears. But then there are days when I just have to laugh at myself. Thank God He is steadfast!!

  7. to be a finisher. I like that. Because the finish isn’t when one plan or thing fails. The finish is still to come. We are working towards the finish everyday of our lives.

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