I. Am. Expecting.

Artwork by Emily Wierenga

An expectant mother strokes her bulging belly,
Hopeful, wistful and dreaming of the future.
She dreams of the day when she will hold this creation of love.
And experience firsthand, his first words, first steps and a whole new world of firsts.

And though a portion of her life is spent,
she feeds off of the fact that this new life
growing inside her still has his whole life ahead.
A life she can help shape and mold into the man God wants him to be.

Anticipation builds along with a little fear.
There is so much to do to prepare, to get ready.
Books to read. Nursery painting to be done. Classes to attend.
…and then the thought of the birth. Oh my! Will she be able to do it?

This impossible feat of pushing a life from complete dependency
into the air of a world that insists that you learn to do for yourself.
This flesh splitting, every muscle contracting hard work of birth?
Fear creeps in….until….carrying the weight of this love child

seems too much to bear and pushes her toward anticipation again.

I. am. expecting.

Pregnant with ideas that love for my Savior has conceived.
and He has caused a miracle. A new life to grow inside of me.
I have prepared. Painted the nursery, in a way.
I’ve been afraid, will I be able to do this? Bring forth this life inside of me?

But then, the weight of carrying this idea around
has finally gotten to me, “When am I going to finish this book already?”
and the labor is hard.
Encouraging words and ice chips don’t help, and no amount of pushing seems to get the words out.
And I scream, sweat on my brow, “Get this baby OUT!”

It’s about to happen.
Because I really can’t hold it in anymore.

Pray for me friends, this is harder than I expected…

The artwork used for this post is done by my beautiful blogging friend Emily Wierenga. Her blog is incredible! You can check it out here. She is one of the reasons I love this new blogging world of mine. Her writing is rich and digs deep. Her paintings are vibrant and alive…there’s just nothing not to love about her!

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28 thoughts on “I. Am. Expecting.

  1. To continue your analogy, I’ll go out on a limb and hazard a guess that, once you work through your delivery, you will end up being a wonderful parent!
    Here’s hoping I can catch up on my backlog before your baby is ready!

  2. Wow — I don’t know what it more powerful. Your words or the artwork. I love this word for 2012. Expecting. It captures so much of who we are and what we do. What we want to do. Our hopes. Our fears. Our dreams.

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