Keeping Your “Word” Close To Your Heart – Ways to Implement One Word 365

Many of you have chosen a word on which to meditate for the year. I have chosen one as well. EXPECT. Now what? What do I do with this word? I don’t want this to become something that I get all excited about only to forget about until whatever the new “thing” is. How can I consistently keep this word as a part of my daily routine?

1. Choose a Scripture. Find a Scripture that supports the word that the Holy Spirit has placed on your heart.

2. Read that Scripture in a different translation each month.

3. Memorize the Scripture.

4. Write the Scripture on a card and keep it with you.

5. Find your “word” displayed on some sort of graphic art (or make one yourself). Display it somewhere you can see it all of the time.

6. Find some quotes containing your chosen word.

7. Look up your word in the dictionary. Concentrate on a meaning a month.

8. Share your journey with others.

9. Be on the look out for ways to implement your word.

10. Keep a journal of the journey towards your word epiphany!

I hope these suggestions help you make this a life changing event rather than a forgotten resolution! Please make any suggestions you might have in the comment section.

For more information about One Word 365 check out their website!

7 thoughts on “Keeping Your “Word” Close To Your Heart – Ways to Implement One Word 365

  1. “Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” My word for 2012 is ‘be’: I will be like the lilies.

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