Where Is My Star? – Day 5 Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt

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I want to find the Christ Child.
…to be the Shepherds, the Wise Men,
A donkey in the the stable, for all I care
I just want to be found there.

I want to see the blue light of night
pierced through with white star beam.
…to hear Heavenly hosts sing
the song of Heaven’s theme.

The religious were looking too
…looking for a man of power, a king.
But He came as humble God-man child
And they missed Him, looking past Him all the while.

It must have seemed so anti-climatic
after all their studying and seeking
A baby born amidst whispers of shame
and impropriety…without fame.

And hindsight’s 20/20
It’s so easy to see the handwriting in the sky
after history has been written.
…but in present blind eyes are smitten.

And I sweat to search
with every fiber of my being
I look, I peer…is He in History?
Literature, Science, Prophecy?

After all, the Magi found the path
to God in Science and heathen religion.
And Mary said yes to imagine
herself Mother of God and to the loss of her reputation.

The Wise Men still had to travel
through desert and discomfort
after the excitement of the start
and after their homes they departed.

Following yonder star
From afar. I am far
Far away from where I long to be.
Where is the star that will lead me?

Will I be willing? Willing to study
Hard and long?
Willing to travel far and wide?
Willing to put my reputation aside?

Am I willing to knock over sacred cows?
Put preconceived ideas away?
To find Who He really is,
And not Who I make Him to be?

Lord, give me the pure faith of Mary,
The simple trust of Shepherds,
The tenacity of Wise Men
Following Yonder star.

Please vote on your favorite ornament picture.

A little about the contributors.
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11 thoughts on “Where Is My Star? – Day 5 Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. I don’t have a tree topper this year, but I added a photo of a favorite Hungarian ornament. (FINALLY found my camera! I would have took a picture with my phone, but I couldn’t find the cord to upload the picture to my computer, and wasn’t smart enough to think to email it to myself…LOL!) Glad to finally participate, Kim!

    • I have had a practice of meditating on one of the characters of the Christmas story during advent. This year I am imagining the story through the eyes of the Wisemen. I am following that star and seeking an epiphany. I’m always intrigued by your words….

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