Wreaths a Circle of Love – Day 2 Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt

First off let’s take a look at the photos submitted yesterday…
1. Here’s a beautiful tree and story from Tcsoko’s Blog:

2. A profound look at Santa, Christmas trees and other Christmas traditions from Blue Cotton Memory:

3. My friend Kristin shares how she and her family brought a little Christmas cheer to the homeless at Ponderings:

4. A vacation Christmas tree over at To Show Them Jesus:

5. Slowing Christmas down at Heart Choices:

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Christmas Tree Picture

Now for today’s prompt: Wreath

No beginning.
No end.
But eternal.

A wreath encircles much like a wedding ring. From the beginning they signify the eternal God. For there is no beginning or end of His love.

His coming was planned before time. Before we fell, He knew. And He made preparation.

Preparation for our hearts to be reunited with His. He made provision before the need. And now our hearts long to see Him face to face…and He prepares once again. Prepares to return for us.

No beginning.
No end.
But eternal.

Link up your post with a picture of a wreath! Include my blog button, and visit other “tree” blogs. Stop by tomorrow to vote for your favorite wreath picture, find out who won the Christmas Tree Photo contest and to find out what tomorrow’s photo hunt will be! Have fun! (Blog links must be provided before 8:00 CST, in order to be voted on 🙂 ) I have no idea why the number of links doesn’t update…There are participants!

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