I Want To Soar Like A Spider (Repost)

So, I’ve had a bad cold the past few days….which really stinks because my Mom is here and I had all kinds of fun things planned. All she has done is serve me. I am so disappointed as it is almost time for her to go home. Anyway, in order to spend what little time I do have with her, I’m reposting something from a long time ago. If you’ve never read it before, I hope you enjoy it! It was published in an on-line Chicago magazine which is pretty cool. My son took the amazing picture! Gotta fly…or should I say gotta soar like a spider! 😉

Today my son and I went downtown. He edits video promotions for our church and he needed some good footage for an upcoming conference. So, he asked me to come along. Actually, he asked someone else, but they couldn’t go. It’s interesting how moms are always last on the list…

So we found ourselves romping around the city for a few hours. One of the places at which he decided to do some shooting was at the Hancock building. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about going to the ninety-third floor on the fastest elevator in North America. (It takes only 40 seconds!) The things we will do for our children. But, once we arrived the view was spectacular! It was a beautiful, clear day and visibility was particularly great.

While sitting in a chair waiting for my son, I noticed a spider in the corner of the window…on the OUTSIDE of the corner of the window, thankfully. I wondered how he got up there. Did he walk? If so, how long would it take a spider to walk from ground level to the 93rd floor? Fascinated, I asked my son to take some pictures.

I couldn’t stop thinking about these spiders, and after some investigation I found several of them all around the observation deck. When I got home, I did a little research and this is what I found…and I promise, I am not making this up.

Fellow blogger Mom2Mom stayed on the 15th floor of a hotel across the street from the Hancock building recently and received the following note left on the bed:

Dear Guest:

We request that you do not open your windows in your suite during this time to avoid the annual migration of High Rise Flying Spiders.

A Chicago Phenomenon…..

Lake shore high-rises, Willis Tower and Hahn Hancock are noticing the annual influx of flying spiders spinning mini-masterpieces as high as 95 stories.

Baby spiders release silk from their spinnerets to create a balloon-like contraption. The spiders then use the balloon to hitch rides on uplifting air currents from the lake. The spider is the Larinioides sclopetaria, an orb-weaving spider that is found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. In natural environments, these spiders live on rocks overhanging water. In the city, they have found the next best thing; tall buildings and high-rises. What makes high-rises so appealing is the light shining through the windows.

Thank you for helping us provide you with a comfortable stay.

There are no “rocks overhanging water” in Chicago so they found the “next best thing”. I want to be found as adaptable as these little critters. When they find themselves outside their typical environment, they don’t complain, they don’t sit around feeling sorry for themselves, they adapt. Then they use their spinnerets to create little hang gliders that carry them to the most spectacular view in the city, where they construct a beautiful home for themselves.

May we be like these little creatures, using the resources God has given us to create a beautiful environment for ourselves and those we love. And may our creation cause us to go soaring on the wind to greater heights. May we be undaunted by a change of environment and plans. Yes, it’s official, I want to soar like a spider.

Giving thanks with Ann:

68. Pine cones with a touch of bronze glitter.

69. Snow swirling snow globes.

70. Taking walks with my beautiful mother, downtown.

71. Golden light from a globe lamp.

72. Tis the season to be thankful for your KitchenAid.

73. That I’m feeling better. 🙂

And learning with Michelle:

On In Around button

And I have a playdate with Laura:

34 thoughts on “I Want To Soar Like A Spider (Repost)

  1. Oh, I would die, just die, if I were in Chicago during that bizarre phenomenon. The picture just about sent me over the edge, although I do love how you related the phenom to our flying higher with God.

    Glad you’re feeling better. Medicine is my friend right now as I fight the second cold in as many months.

  2. How blessed you are to have a mom who visits and TAKES care of you when you don’t feel well. That to me is an awesome gift. Enjoy your time with your mom – and I love your high rise soaring spiders – I want to be adaptable like that, as graceful as those spiders are.

  3. Glad you are feeling better — I’m so sorry you had to miss out on the festivities with your mom (that happened to me once too. i was felled by a stomach bug on Mother’s Day when my mom was visiting – such a disappointment).

    And those spiders…who would have guessed at such a phenomenom – that is just incredible!

  4. I have never heard of flying spiders! God’s creation just blows me away! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 (visiting from Michelle’s and Here it/Use it) Hope you feel 100% better soon! 🙂

  5. I confess, I have sinned. I’m jealous! I miss my mom and wish she was here with me. She lives far away and does not travel well. But, so thankful for internet and cell phones. We use them everyday 🙂
    So glad your mom could take care of you. I’m sure she loved it.

    The spider story was so interesting. But I would have been glad it was on the other side of that window:)

    • My mom and I don’t get to see each other very often even though she only lives about 3 hours away. That’s why I’m so bummed that we wasted our time on getting me repaired. But…as I heard myself saying to a friend, God isn’t surprised that I got sick…and He’s got a plan through it all.

  6. Beautiful story. I simply love Chicago. My daughter is in college there. I will most definitely will share this story with her. Although, I must confess I have arachnophobia. I am terrified of those eight legged wonders. I am grateful that ominous looking creature was on the other side of the window 🙂
    I too want to soar like spiders and be adaptable to change.

  7. Amazing! And so surprising. Just like God. His creations proclaim His glory.

    I’m sorry you’ve been under the weather! I’m glad your mother was there to give some TLC. I agree with Lisa–I bet she loved being able to serve you. And what a talented boy you have! Amazing photos.

    Loved this through and through; such an interesting and compelling read!

  8. Glad to hear that you are feeling better…what an amazing story about soaring spiders…Love how you drew the spiritual metaphor out…great photo…Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow! That’s so cool…in a creepy sort of way. The picture is amazing and your words speak the story and challenge beautifully. Thanks for reposting as this is my first time to your blog, so I’m glad I got to read about soaring like a spider!

  10. Great post and highly amusing! i was trying to guess how it got there and would never have guessed the real reason! I’d like to see a spider gliding on the “Balloon” it created! Isn’t it fascinating and awe inspiring how God made so many amazing creatures!

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