Saturday Morning Serial – A New Link-Up Community

I am creating a new village of sorts, a Link-Up Village, and I’d like to invite you to visit. I love your company and it would make my day to sit out on the front porch with you with a cup of tea. So much of who I am thus far as a blogger is due to the influence that so many of you have had on my writing.

When I’m in a writing rut, I find that creating a series on my blog, or reading another blogger’s series will get me thinking outside of the box, and start the creative juices flowing. It primes the pump of an otherwise drying well. Blogging series can be used as a writing prompt so that you don’t have to wait until a bolt of lightening hits you with the perfect idea or words to write.

Welcome to a new link-up community, the Saturday Morning Serial Linkup. This is a community for bloggers who have or who participate in a series of blog posts on their blog. For instance, does your blog feature a weekly roundup of your favorite posts, or do you have a weekly guest post on your blog? Perhaps you are writing a blog book by posting a chapter a week or you write or feature a poem once a month. Whichever the case, the Saturday Morning Serial is for you to connect with others and to benefit from the creativity of others. Seeing what other bloggers have written and the series they have created inspires me and I am sure you will find that they inspire you too.

At the moment, I am finishing up a series of blog posts called, All Roads Lead to New Glarus. These weekly installments are mostly a memoir series, (although I take creative liberties here and there.) I am taking a break from All Roads Lead To New Glarus this week in order to fully explain this new community, but will be back next week.

Here are a few housekeeping rules. 1. Fill out the InLinkz form below. 2. Please include the Saturday Morning Serial Linkup button provided on this site somewhere on your post. 3. Grab a cup of tea (or coffee) stay awhile! Go visiting other people in this virtual village. I think your heart will be warmed as you savor their words. Let them know how much you appreciate the Creator’s touch on their life. Oh, and by the way, invite other people to visit our village as well!

So are you ready?

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Serial – A New Link-Up Community

    • See the little blue face that says Click to view/add link? Click on that and fill out the form. It will ask you for your name and the url for the post you’d like to include. Hope you join it will be loads of fun!

    • Click on the words next to the little blue guy at the bottom of my post. This will open a new window. Then click on the part that says “add your link”. After that, you type in the url of the post you’d like to add, your name and your e-mail. Your e-mail will only be made available to me, not to the readers. Lastly, click on “submit link”. I wish I could show you in person…it sounds much more complicated than it is.

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