Making Room For the King

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Advent is a little different for me this year.
There are no children rushing to the calendar for a piece of candy.
No one to help me decorate the house.
And no one with which to read our advent family devotional.

I have three grown and busy children,
and although two of them are still living at home,
they are fighting hard enough to balance their crazy, upside-down lives
without pressure from me to deck the halls.

It is two days after Thanksgiving,
By this time, I usually have the tree up and decorations abounding,
but this year I’m having a difficult time being motivated.
I’m finding out what traditions will remain with the two of us,
my husband and I,
when we are truly empty-nesters.

And depression tries to sneak in…
until…I hear eighteen year old son whistling Silent Night
in the bathroom while shaving before beginning his day.

It’s then that I remember what I’d forgotten.
Advent isn’t about preparing an aesthetic atmosphere for myself and others,
it’s about preparing an atmosphere in my own heart for the coming King…

A King is on His way to my home.
What shall I do? How shall I prepare?
What shall we eat? What will I wear?
It’s because He is coming, not because company is coming.
And it is in this moment of my Journey Toward Epiphany that I search for Him,
because wise men (and women) still seek Him.

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39 thoughts on “Making Room For the King

  1. beautiful words of the season of Advent…preparing our hearts for His coming…we have been reading through the Bible this year, and will finish with Revelation just as we celebrate Christmas…so fitting celebrate His first coming while looking ahead to His second…

  2. My mother was always the frenetic decorator, insisting on having the home properly “dressed” for the holiday. With just my wife and I, I’ve found that the desire to fool with all the physical trappings has plummeted. Yet, somehow, it’s a bit more special these days, with both my wife and I home leading into Christmas. Same sense of family, friends, and faith – Lite. (All the tradition, 1/3 the trimmings. πŸ˜€ )

    • Dear John,
      You always sum up my poetic mumbo jumbo in concise practical writing. All the tradition 1/3 the trimmings! Perfect. I don’t know if you’ve ever gone to Ann Voskamp’s blog, but she has some lovely thoughts about Advent there. She is so famous, she doesn’t have her comments turned on, so you don’t have to worry about another time consuming blog to read!! You are a faithful friend, and I appreciate you beyond words.

  3. i too have three grown up kids…17, 19 and 21..all three of them still at home but busy as well.. when i read about your 18 year old whistling silent night while shaving..brought tears to my eyes..

  4. KD – I love this sentiment. Advent is not about preparing the house; it’s about preparing our hearts. I think that’s how we come to this season year after year and find something new, when we see what the Lord is doing in our hearts.

    Another participant of our Advent Writing Project wrote about a similar feeling of an empty house and what that meant for Advent. You can find his post here:

    Thanks for being part of our High Calling Advent community. It was more special because you were part of it!

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