My Salvation Army Heritage

Salvation Army worker
There’s nothing more “Christmasy” than hearing a Salvation Army bell ringer. I wonder if you’ll take a look at my past with me? A stroll down memory lane if you will…

I had the most beautiful upbringing in the whole world. Part of this heritage includes a family with its roots entrenched in the Salvation Army. My father, the eldest son of Salvation Army officers started his young family where his foundation lay…at the SA. My mother had her life changed when at 15, after a Billy Graham crusade, she filled out her followup paper work with SA for Saint Ann’s Catholic Church, and the Salvation Army showed up at her door. I have a plethora of family members that has served as officers of the Army and are now retired. As someone who has had the pleasure of watching their lives from the inside, let me tell you, they do the most good.


My own spiritual formation took a turn when I was 14. An uncle from my mother’s side started a non-denominational church and we began attending there. However, there have been key moments in my life when I have found myself right back where I started…at the Army. Two times stand out in particular. Once was the… Please click here to read the rest of my story…

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16 thoughts on “My Salvation Army Heritage

    • Amen! And you know it’s not that they don’t hire or are unkind to people, they don’t hire them for ministry positions…they can’t and still stand for what they believe in. I’m so glad that you’ve brought this to my attention. I feel a rant coming on!!!! I’m glad I made an extra high goal, the Salvation Army needs our support more than ever.

    • I’m sorry the link isn’t working for you…you do have to scroll down a little before you see the rest of the story…Thanks for your interest in finding out more about me personally…it warms my heart.

  1. What a awesome blog.. brings back wonderful memories Kim of attending service with you and your mom and dad at the Salvation Army in the city.

  2. My father bore a lifelong respect for the Salvation Army, dating to his service in Korea. He said they were the ONLY ones who could be relied upon to have coffee and doughnuts for the troops. For his entire 4-decade stay at Illinois Bell/Ameritech, he always directed his contribution to the Salvation Army, despite management’s efforts to steer all contributions to the United Way. (You should’ve seen him when the whole scandal of management redirecting United Way funds for personal use broke. He was LIVID!)
    Sorry to be behind in things, I’m finally getting near to caught up!

    • United Way definitely doesn’t do as much good as the Salvation Army…plus people don’t realize that the Salvation Army is definitely a Christian organization, so the people who are being helped get told about God’s love as well.

  3. Wow — you know, I know very little about the history of the SA. I’m really grateful to know more about you. Your heart is so richly filled, friend.

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