Why I Want to Quit Blogging

Sometimes, I’ll read a post by one of my favorite bloggers: Ann, Leanne, Emily or Jen, and I’ll think…it’s useless. Why do I even try to pen down my thoughts and feelings? My words are so inadequate…their words are so unique. Why do I even try?

And then I remember the words to a very old Amy Grant song:

And all I ever have to be
Is what you’ve made me.
Any more or less would be a step
Out of your plan.

As you daily recreate me,
Help me always keep in mind
That I only have to do
What I can find.

And all I ever have to be
All I have to be
All I ever have to be
Is what you’ve made me.


God doesn’t want me to be someone else.
He wants me to be me.
If I wrote just like Ann Voskamp, one of us would be unnecessary…
I think it might be me!!

Don’t die a carbon copy, die an original, a masterpiece because you’ve allowed the Master to piece you together.  Let the master artist carve you into the beauty He has in mind.

Finding grace everyday with Ann:

I am forever grateful for
#49 – my internal alarm clock…it never fails me!

#50 – a husband who helps taxi the kids

#51 – cold dagger rain pelting the roof

#52 – a Community Center with a gym for $30 a year!

#53 – dirty dishes, because that means that we’ve eaten…

#54 – words…beautiful, ugly, healing, painful, wonderfully expressive words

#55 – I long for more joy and have found it in Eucharisteo..

41 thoughts on “Why I Want to Quit Blogging

  1. I saw this on FB and came by to read and was I so surprised to see my name here. And then, my heart broke a little when I read the next few lines. And I know that you know, but I’m just confirming that the world would be a little less caring, a little less bright, and a whole lot less beautiful without YOUR words in it. You are a true original and I am so glad I know you.

    • My Dear Jen,

      You shouldn’t be surprised to see your name. Your community at Soli Deo Gloria was the first I enjoyed. You even helped me figure out how to join your linkup, (which I had no clue). Your sweetness seeps through your words. Without your kindness, I wouldn’t have blogged for this long. Thank you.

    • Michelle:

      I am glad that I have your understanding in this area. It was one of your blogs that gave me the courage to write it. You also create a wonderful community at your place, and I am a better person for having met you!

  2. I’ve had these same feelings at times, but you are so right. He created me to be me, not someone else, just like you, unique. I agree with the ones above, your words are lovely and inspiring and you. Don’t be any different! 🙂
    Have a wonderful day my friend!

  3. We all have these moments! We do! That’s when you have to call one of your blogging friends (or email) so we can remind you about your unique voice. And how wonderful it is and we can tell people that you are having one of those bad days. And we can send other reinforcements to come and punch that stupid voice in its throat.

    You are valuable and positive energy here in the blogosphere. And I’m guessing if you didn’t write it here, you’d still keep a journal, so you’d might as well keep it here, ladybug! 😉

    • My dear Renee,
      What a friend you are! We do all have those moments, don’t we? And I find that I have times where I reassess the time I’ve been spending and evaluate where I can do the most good. I really don’t have to write, which frightens me to tell the truth, (It makes me wonder if I’m really a writer…) Although I will say that since I’ve started blogging, I have gotten into the habit of writing, and I think it would be hard to stop…Thank you for your kind words, both here and on Twitter. You are one of the kindest people I’ve met through blogging, and it has been worth the blog journey just to have met you!!

  4. A. You are too kind.
    B. You are too hard on yourself.
    C. I’m sending the voice in my head to beat up the voice in your head.

    We all have these moments (I had one last week when my voice *knew* that this book I’m writing would not sell). You’re an awesome writer with an awesome message. Believe that voice!

  5. Totally. This post speaks to where I’m at too – comparing only leaves me feeling disappointed, intimidated, not enough. So I’m really trying to stop that and just be me – the one God created this way. On purpose. maybe it’s the people-pleaser in me, but it bugs me when people don’t like me or worse, have no particular feelings about me one way or the other. My mom shakes her head, wondering why I’ve struggled with that since childhood…

    Here’s to being me. And you being you. May we trust that God made no mistakes, and that He has set out good works for US to do, knowing very well who we are.

    Thanks for sharing :))

  6. I often hear that voice. I even listen to it for too long before I realize that it is the voice of my enemy (our enemy), again trying to make us feel much less than we are. Jesussss, hellllp!!
    I have become painfully aware that I’m an old-man, aspiring Christian Poet among a lot of capable, talented women……..but here I am. I’m pretty sure I’m right where He wants me!
    Kimmie, I’m sorry I haven’t commented as much here as I used to, but I read your delicious stories well after you have written them. I can hardly wait until December, when, I’m hoping, you will re-post your brilliant, memorable, and inspiring “Donkey Story”.
    The literary world is most definitely a better place with you in it, as is the world in general!

    • I don’t think its only a self-esteem issue. Sometimes I wonder if I a using my time the way that He would ask me to. That is the real question…Thanks dear brother for your encouragement. P.S. It’s nice to hear a male voice out here in blogosphere…

  7. Kim you are doing great…Don’t look at how many look at your posts but think about those that have found it…The nice thing about blogging is you don’t have to blog daily or weekly it is what is in the blog that counts…Also the blogs will be here for a long time to come for the next one to discover it. I myself don’t always find time to read every blog but enjoy it when I do…You are a writer and continue in the gift…You can also put all the blogs into a short story book one day…A good morning read for a daily word or thought provoking subject.

  8. you are a wonderful writer, and you are one of a kind. i know i don’t comment all that often, with almost seven kids it’s a wonder i get to read any blogs or write my own, but i do read here. and i truly love your writing. keep it up.

  9. Visiting from Ann’s place today. I know I do not know you well (at all really as this is my first visit). But you are the only you God created. You have a unique purpose to fulfill in this big world of blogging that no one else can. Your voice is beautiful. Keep blogging!

    • Glad to have you come by…Ann has a beautiful place, doesn’t she? God has a purpose for each of us, I am determined to find and remain in His purpose for me. Thanks for the encouragement.

  10. A masterpiece HE has put together — lovely! I’ve discovered that I learn through writing — blogging. And if that’s what He has for me, that’s enough. If He uses it to touch someone else, well, glory be to Him!

  11. Something made me click on your link, even though I’ve never been over here before, and when I saw the song you quoted, I knew why. I needed those words today. I haven’t heard that song in years (decades?), and “as you daily recreate me…” hit me this morning. Thank you for this post…that song will be in my head (and especially my heart) all day. ~Amy~

  12. Oh I love this. And please don’t quit blogging. (Even though I know what you mean…) We all have something unique to say. Nobody else experiences God in the exact same way you do so please keep telling us about it. We learn so much from each other.

    A beautiful post.

  13. I totally understand. I think most people do. But comparison robs us of our joy. And if you just blog to process what the Lord teaches you then that is enough. One of my favorite quotes for when I get discouraged or uninspired is this:
    John Piper says, “I know not how the light is shed, nor understand their lens. I only know that there are eyes in pencils and in pens.”

  14. I love that old Amy Grant song… listened when I was a teen, and still remember the words to that song. I’ve sung those words many times and from time to time that song comes back to mind. Had that song on a cassette tape… maybe I still have it in a small box with a few other old cassettes I saved. Just had to post and say I know and love that old song. 🙂

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