The Blueprint of Your Life.

The lights are dim in the room. Dark walls accentuate the bright lights in the small chapel provided for the Saturday evening Contemporary Service. Leaders assemble an hour before starting time to be encouraged about their role in this dark world, and the young man speaks. He speaks to them about the name of this leadership meeting, Blueprint. He shares with them the process of making a blueprint, and their perspective changes. My “old heart” changes, because of these young ones.

He tell us that it all starts with a master planner. This architect or draftsman draws the plans he has for his project onto tracing paper. The final product is only a dream at that point, but he plans nonetheless, knowing that an action with no plan often causes more problems than no action at all.

He then takes a special white paper that has been treated with an inorganic chemical and places the tracing paper over the tainted paper.

Next, he shines a light onto the the tracing paper. Although a chemical process happens, it is invisible to the human eye until he chemically treats the paper a second time. This causes the light exposed areas to turn blue, while his plans remain white.

Isn’t this how it is in our lives dear friend? Our Master Planner has made a blueprint for our lives. He’s promised us each a plan of our own. (Jeremiah 29:11) He has drawn it out before we were born. But sin entered our lives, just like the inorganic or unnatural chemical on the “blank” paper. When we allow the plan of God (the tracing paper) to cover our sin, and His Word (the light), to penetrate our lives, it leaves a mark. Even if you can’t see it at first, it makes an lasting imprint. Eventually, after we’ve been continually washed in his Word, the light exposes our sin, but it exposes His plans for us as well.

So I have one question for you…Will you allow His plan to cover the sin drenched paper of your life? Will you allow him to make a beautiful sanctuary out of your life? Will you expose yourself to the light of His Word, even if it may be painful?

What kind of building results from an unplanned plan? Is it built on sand? A wise man counts the cost before he begins to build. God your Father and Master Planner has counted the cost for your life. He’s made a plan. The plan He made for you cost Him everything, so that you could become His beautiful treasure here on earth, His masterpiece, His work of art.

For more information on the process of a blueprint, click here.

Giving thanks with Ann today:

#41 – I am thankful for the most beautiful autumn I’ve ever experienced. It demands my attention.

#42 – So grateful for shorter days suggesting more rest and cozy nights of reading at home.

#43 – My husband, who always finds a silver lining

#44 – For my new doctor who encouraged me with, “You must live each day as a gift.” Wow!

#45 – That I get to be a servant to my sweet family.

#46 – For Dr. Renner sharing so freely with our congregation

#47 – For the 21 pieces of missing luggage being found for our Haiti missions team.

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19 thoughts on “The Blueprint of Your Life.

  1. Beautiful. Yes, He is the Master Planner of our lives.

    Through our exposure we are saved by His grace, we are delivered, we are healed, and we are made whole.

  2. Enjoyed the blueprint analogy. Think about this a lot actually. How he already has the story of our lives written and only he knows what the sanctuary will look like. Listening to His voice as he gives us hints to the story along the way . . . that is my aim!

  3. Love the metaphor here! And your list is helping me appreciate Daylight Savings Time. Shorter days and cold, dark nights to make for coziness, don’t they?

    {I have a siver lining husband, too — gotta love that!}

  4. Since I was studying architecture, I’ve gone through this whole process for a house I designed – and it fits into God’s methodology perfectly! Even for those of us who have had to redraw our lines a few times, before committing permanently to them. 😉

      • Well, the first year was a combo of basic drafting and basic architecture – I designed a really cool house, with a HUGE garage. My justification was the owner owned his own plane which lived in the garage. (Yep, I’ve been strange a LONG time!) I wanted to do more residential stuff, but 2nd year of the programme was industrial, and we had to design a business building. A bit frustrated, I did sign up, then put forth I wanted to design a spaceport (orbital) for the business building. Somehow, the staff failed to see the humour in it and (slide whistle) out the door I went.
        That’s just one of the reasons I love Chicago – all the great architecture there. Not a whole lot here in the backside of nowhere, but I have found a few gems, including an old coach-house (horse stable and coach “garage” with the grooms living above them) and discovering the “big building” in town (2 stories) is currently being used backwards from the original orientation.
        Other than that, I don’t remember a whole lot – that WAS more than 40 years ago! 😀

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