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It was an early snowstorm.  The kind that disappoints trick or treators everywhere.  Costumes are dragged through the slushy stuff of snow; more than a foot of heavy snow that year. It started late on Saturday, and continued all night long.  I awakened in my trailer to the blue-white light of a winter wonderland.

I had to get to work.  I did computer work at church between the morning and evening services, and I knew that digging myself out would be up to me especially since I had uninvited Steve from my life.  Plus, he and his kids were staying overnight at the nearest Holidome, which was about 45 minutes away.

After a hot shower, (thanks to Steve), I started laying out J.’s clothes for church and figuring out what I’d wear while shoveling.  I stumbled into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee so that it would be ready when I came back in.

I squinted in the early morning light.  Were my eyes playing tricks on me?  Was that my car, already scraped and ready to go?  What was that brown and red thing on the hood?  Forgetting the layers I’d assembled for my task, I threw on my jacket and boots.  My eyes smarted from the dazzling sunshine on the snow.  Someone had indeed dug me out!  And the item on my hood?  A stuffed animal holding a note.

Dear Kim,

I hope you aren’t angry, but I couldn’t sleep this morning knowing that you’d have to shovel all of this heavy snow yourself.

Drive carefully,


A swirl of emotions twirled their way around my insides.  My heart melted a fraction at his kindness.  Steve had driven an hour and a half round trip to make sure I could make it to work.

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11 thoughts on “Snow Angel – New Glarus Series – Saturday Morning Serial Linkup

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  2. I loved this story, I have had a gentleman in my life also and remember the feeling of being at work and trying to figure out which icy streets would be the safest & when the work day was over dreading that dangerous drive home , there is was , the car all scrapped off and my husband driving in from a long business trip telling me to follow him home, we moved at a crawl all the way home with me hugging his bumper. That was my late husband who passed in 2001 , I remarried in 2005 and was blessed to find another ” Snow Angel “. A gentleman in everyway , I always let him know that he makes me feel safe . I am indeed a very blessed lady to have had 2 snow angels in my life.

  3. Not many driveways around here easy to shovel – lots of gravel. But I do try to keep the sidewalk clean in front of the across-the-street neighbor’s house. It’s on my way to shoveling the church and the Pastor’s house, which is our job anyway, so what the hey. But I’d gladly drive the 90 minutes to shovel your drive and car! (Of course, it’s kind of a moot point until I get a working car and a driver’s license so I CAN drive…..)

  4. What a wonderful story…I’m looking forward to reading more. Thanks for linking up at Storytellers and sorry I noticed your link a little late! Glad to have found your blog–now I want to know how this one turns out.

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