Have We Forgotten the Holocaust?

Please…watch this and tell me what you think. As long as your opinion is expressed respectfully, you are welcome to share in the comment section.

Because there is nothing more broken than heartless murder of any person, I’m linking with lovely Emily…

12 thoughts on “Have We Forgotten the Holocaust?

  1. I didn’t plan on watching the whole video….but it drew me in and I couldn’t stop watching! I was amazed how the interviewer actually got people to re-think their beliefs…..it was amazing!

  2. Very interesting yet disapointing of the youth and their lack of history or those that would deny the very fact that the holocaust happened . . It gave me some really good & interesting dialog and logical rebuttle for conversations with pro-choice views . It was lengthy but so worth the time spent , Thx Kim and God Bless !! .

  3. And me with my sound card on the fritz! All I can add is, based on the sound of things, our educational system continues to slide, and we certainly need to reinforce and enhance our teachers’ skill sets. “He who doesn’t learn from history is doomed to repeat it”, and a failure to remember what happened to an economically foundering country, giving in to extremisms is a failure to understand the world today.
    Other than that, I’m shootin’ in the dark here. 😦

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