These Are a Few of My Favorite Posts!

My dear friend over at the wonderful blog, Coming East, has given me a challenge.  A challenge to find my favorite old posts in the following seven categories.  I must admit, I’ve taken quite a long time to find finish this task, especially because many of my posts have brought back floods of memories of where I’ve been spirit, soul and body, in the past six months.

The fact that I received this invite from Coming East also made me realize what a blessing blogging has been to me in that I have done what I thought was impossible.  I’ve made internet friends.  After all, Middle Son said just the other day, “Isn’t it the same as having a pen pal?”  I guess I just needed it to be put in old fashioned terms.  I’ve certainly made a lot of new pen pals. The blog over at Coming East is always exquisitely written, and if she isn’t on your blogroll…she should be. (Which reminds me, I need to update my blogroll.)

In choosing my five bloggers to continue this challenge, I wanted to include a variety of blogs as well as those that could most benefit from this type of exposure.  Even though Ann Voskamp is one of my favorite bloggers, I doubt that she would have the time or need for this type of exercise.  However, for those of us just starting, it was a lot of fun, and a great way to inform our readers of some of the things we’ve written oh, so long ago.  For those of you I chose to continue on with this tradition, if this gives you something to write about, and you feel like doing it…great.  If you don’t – I totally understand.

So without any further ado…

1)Most Beautiful Post:  It’s funny that my loveliest post came from such a frustrating afternoon.  Broken Biscotti/Broken Heart

2)Most Popular Post:  I think this is entirely due to the way I punctuated the title, but here it is… God. Is. Faithful.

3)Most Controversial Post:  By far… Short-Lived Vacation or Why I’m Boycotting BlogHer Enough said.

4) Most Helpful:  I think that this category would be better judged by the readers, however, I think that by the comments, perhaps this post was pretty helpful.  Taxi Mom

5)Most Surprisingly Successful:  Considering that this post was about flushing the toilet, I’d have to say Flushing, A Simple Pleasure.

6)Post That Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved:  Any of my New Glarus Series… I really hope to do something with it…  It’s kind of the story of my life, which I thought was really boring, but after seeing it in print, I’ve decided differently….New Glarus Page

7)Post I Am Most Proud Of:  I have two that I am most proud of because they include the photographs of my talented son.  Cicada Song – Truth in the Ordinary and I want to soar like a…spider?

Here’s a list of bloggers that I’d love to see participate in this project.

To Tell You The Truth  She’ smart, she’s funny and she can really write.

Lessons From Teachers and Twits She’s beautiful, witty and she’s got to be the coolest teacher ever…except for maybe Leanne Shirtliffe better known as Ironic Mom.  Okay, it’s a tie.

Frank from A Frank Angle because he’s brilliant, one of my best and first supporters, and did I mention that he’s brilliant?

Adela from Once A Little Girl because she is my best blogging buddy, and can she write!  I love reading her posts.  They transport me to a different time and place.

and last but not least…Health Nut. Because she is probably more passionate about your health than you are!

10 thoughts on “These Are a Few of My Favorite Posts!

    • Wow! Really? Now I’m honored that you would remember so many. You should try this. It was fun reminiscing and it was therapeutic to see how far I’ve come as a blogger and as a person in the past six months.

  1. What fun! I will check out all the bloggers listed. I have to agree with you, blogging has been a blessing and i’ve made many friends through the months. Thanks for a very interesting post. Now, I’m off to check out the bloggers you listed!

  2. How, in the world, did I miss your tribute to flushing? Shame on me – soon as my inbox is read, I will remedy this glaring failure on my part!
    Your New Glarus series definitely needs more exposure. Give me a couple days, and I’ll see if I can’t use my ballot-box-stuffing talents to aid in your cause. 😉

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