Morning Walk

Silence grows golden until enriched

by Phoebe’s birdsong calling to humming grasshoppers.

And fluorescent smudges streak the sky while He whispers,

“I’ve missed you.”

And I wish I knew

I mean really knew

for certain His voice

from mine.

Then looking up, I see it!

a momentary rainbow

just for me

for there is no one else to enjoy it.

And I remember the promise;

His promise to me.

And I wonder, do I dare?

Do I dare believe that I’ve heard Him?


Grateful with Ann

#1 – I’m thankful for the 30 second rainbow my Father put in the sky this morning. It came just seconds after He whispered, “I’ve missed you daughter.” Just like a kiss on the cheek.

#2 – Giving thanks for the lonely Phoebe bird calling into the quiet morning.

#3 – Grateful for the sore muscles I have from helping with the church garage sale.


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47 thoughts on “Morning Walk

  1. I need to get some photos scanned in, I have a number of gorgeous sunset shots with the Methodist church steeple in the foreground. If I recall, one with a corona of colour seemingly centered on the steeple itself.
    Beautiful words, beautiful shots, wonderful thoughts!

  2. I feel that way sometimes too – Do I dare believe that I just had a personal encounter with God? But I’ve started searching more for God in the every day (thanks to Ann) I’ve become much more comfortable with saying, “Yes!” and “Thank you, God, for that glimpse of you.” Beautiful photo.

    Visiting from Hear It/Use It.

  3. “Do I dare believe that I’ve heard Him?” Believe, as in…. convinced? Perhaps you’ve found your meaning? Are we yet…..convinced? And if we were truly convinced, “How would we then live?” , as Francis Schaffer reminds us. Corporately as His Body and individually as the smallest units of cells that make up that Body….with different functions and gifts from Him, different personalities, differing strengths and weaknesses…we give our Master our every day lives. Each hopefully believing….that we’ve heard from Him, heard His voice…and then live our lives in ways to please this One we love so dearly. Lovely words that made my heart soar this morning. Thank you, precious daughter.

  4. Thanks for stopping by….I love how being thankful…seeing the graces…opens us up to how He comes…speaks to us in such simple sometimes subtle ways…but with such beauty and assurance of His kiss of Love.


  5. Oh, my prayer is that you would believe that you have heard Him with every single fiber of your being. To know His voice, to hear Him being active and alive within us and with us — the power that that brings to our lives!

  6. I’ve always wondered more about the times God spoke and I wasn’t listening. I think He is always speaking to us, always in communion with our heart, always actively pursuing us and conversing with us… is up to us to have ears to hear, eyes to see, a heart to listen.

    The start to your day was a beautiful end to mine-
    Thank you-

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