You Are Invited!

I am personally inviting YOU! October 6-8, 2011, I will be attending The Bella Conference at Family Harvest Church. The conference will be for females. I say females, because it is for every age of girl.

The conference features my very own sweet precious pastor’s wife Linda Thompson. She is the founder of and writes a blog called Together Spreading Kindness. She is so very transparent and doesn’t mind telling on herself if it will bring you closer to the Father. Plus, she is so fun!

We also have two wonderful guest speakers! Holly Wagner, author of several books including God Chicks, and Hayley DiMarco, author of over 30 books. Holly co-pastors with her husband in California. She is a cancer survivor and a dynamic speaker. Hayley has a heart for teens and young ladies.

We will be having a fashion show, a movie and s’mores, prizes, lunch and so much more.
You can watch the promo video (made by Middle Son) below and click onto the icon to find out more about this fun, fun, fun event!!

So my blogging buddies, please tell me you’ll come. It would be such a fun way to meet some of you!!

14 thoughts on “You Are Invited!

  1. Um.. would love to, but somehow, I think I’d stand out JUST a bit. (“One of these things is not like the other/ One of thee things just doesn’t belong.” 😀 )
    Have fun, celebrate, enjoy!

  2. Wait a minute it … you invite me in the first sentence, and then retract the invite in the 3rd sentence. That’s quite the emotional roller coaster! Oh well … John and I will be philosophizing at the tavern down the street. Enjoy the conference. 🙂

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