Leah’s Question – New Glarus Road

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It wasn’t the last time I’d see Sue.  She had emergency brain surgery in order to relieve the fluid building around her brain.  The surgery went well.  It took several months, but she fully recovered.  In the meantime, the ladies at the church and I helped take care of Baby S.

About a month later, I got flowers thanking me for all of the help I gave during the time of Sue’s recovery, they were signed from Baby S.  All of this baby experience, put T. in the mood to try for one of our own.

A little less than a year later, I was pregnant.  Sue and J. threw a huge baby shower, and my parents planned on staying at Steve and Sue’s house while I delivered, as I chose a home delivery.

Then it happened.

A tiny boy

entered the world

entered my world.

Gave me a new title

a new job


I was crazy for him.

He was ours.

I wasn’t feeling quite grown up enough.

not ready.

For such responsibility.

But He was ours none the less.

I prayed Leah’s prayer,

and asked her question.

Maybe now that I had done this incredible thing,

this amazing feat

of bringing a life into the world.

Maybe I would be loved,

and respected.

Surely now, I would be looked upon with favor,

Surely now, I would be good enough.

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13 thoughts on “Leah’s Question – New Glarus Road

  1. More truly touching writing. I know you were loved by the new life. You SHOULD have been both loved AND respected by T. I’m really hoping for a positive twist in the next episode, but…..
    Then again, the fastest sailing is done with stormy seas at your back.

  2. Nothing prepared me for the overwhelming love and pride I felt when each of my children were born. The only thing in my life that came close to that much work was hiking the Grand Canyon. And when that was through all I had was memories and a sense of accomplishment. Nothing like the soul-awing experience of shared creation.

  3. I so love this and I have been very busy and can hardly keep up. Please cut and paste some of these at my new little ning social network Feeling God. Carrie-Anne has done so and the site just loves what she has to share. You don’t have to show your picture and you can just use the name of your blog and link it. Many people need to know God now and its so important that this type of social network reach all with great content. I’ve been asking many of my She Write friends because they write so well and sense they do write to just copy and paste it to us. You would be surprise who would benefit from this word that you put out each week. Please pray on it.

  4. Oh friend… So much in this. So much history, so many other stories connected to this one. I think you have quite a life of your own that can be translated to fiction. Would anyone really believe that the future that unfolded in reality was true? It is a remarkable story – with a remarkable heroine. I am honored to know her. 🙂

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