Broken Biscotti/Broken Heart

I was asked to make biscotti.

It was my pleasure.

Until I got a late start.

And the corners got too dark.

And they crumbled as I turned them.

And I burned my fingers.

Angry tears stung my eyes.

Then I read a story.

About a mother.

A mother with a severely disabled baby.

She chose gratitude.

In the midst of overwhelming obstacles.

Life changing paths.

The knife sinks deeply.

Repentant tears slide down my floury face.

Who am I

To hate my day

Because of imperfect biscotti?

Shall I offer perfect biscotti?

Biscotti that has heard impatience to children

immature words and

tantrums in the heart thrown (throne)?

Or imperfect biscotti?

Biscotti that has heard worship from my soul

love from my hands

and kindness from my mouth?

O faithless heart

that cries over broken cookies

and spilled milk.

When will you learn

from the courage of others

that life isn’t about what you make of it,

but what it makes of you.

35 thoughts on “Broken Biscotti/Broken Heart

  1. Imperfect biscotti show love, individuality, and the spirit of the baker.
    Broken biscotti are what make life worth living.
    May all your biscotti be broken!

  2. Lovely thoughts that all can relate to, JourneyGirl…..”Oh, faithless heart…..” is sadly a human condition that needs a continual cleansing. You seek and find “overlooked lessons in life” and “epiphany(s)” and in sharing them with us…we are all enriched. Just beautiful. Thank-you dear heart.

  3. Beautiful words: “life isn’t about what you make of it, but what it makes of you”. Thank you for the uplifting post. It reminded me that sometimes we’re all in the same boat. -Theresa

      • Actually, the “out of” in “what it makes out of you” isn’t necessary, and in older forms of English, “what it makes of you” is both more correct AND more widely accepted.
        (See, Ma? That four years of college WASN’T a total waste! πŸ˜€ Don’t worry, Mom, I won’t tell her my major was CompSci.)

    • I think this is a universal poem, one that can be applied to many many people in different ways but still same message to all in the end. . You wrote the poetry well. ( It’s more like a lesson in writing to me)..Some will say they didn’t “get it” simply because they insist a poem must rhyme..they can’t pick up the flow of the writers silent voice..I on the other hand feel very guilty right now, and should. This is perfect.

  4. I’ve been thinking about gratitude myself lately and even started a post yet to be finished. We have so much and we get caught on the mundane, don’t we? Beautifully written.

  5. I would love some of your broken biscotti! I live a broken biscotti life – trying so hard to make life sweet – and getting tangled in the little foxes that try to steal my joy – and replace it with harshness. Your post so hit what I am struggling with right now – trying to live joy in the brokenness! You so blessed me – and encouraged me for tomorrow! Really!!!!

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