A Disappointing Bride – New Glarus Series

This story started out as complete truth. However, as I’ve continued, I’ve changed small details. For instance, some of these events happened within a 30 miles radius of New Glarus…and I don’t remember exactly how I was proposed to…anywho…just wanted to be honest…If you are interested in the first five installments start here.

Wedding Day had been bright and unseasonably warm.

Full of promise for a bright future.

I had asked God for a day just like this.

He granted me that much.

That night, there was pain, shame and I found myself

a disappointment.

Not enough.  a Failure.

The next morning the skies were grey and brewing.

Biting cold air froze my dreams, pellets of ice stung my skin,

waking me from my fairytale dream.

and I wondered if this was how it was

For all new brides.

For the next installment of this story, go here.

12 thoughts on “A Disappointing Bride – New Glarus Series

  1. Wow! So tight, so powerful, so sadly hollow. Well done!
    And thanks for the thought of an icy day. As the temp soars over 90 yet again, a shiver is a delightful little pleasure, even in company of such a sad piece. 🙂

      • Oh no! A “Dear John” letter! You’ve dumped me? Oh, the pain! 😉
        (Apologies to the crowd whose head my comment just shot over. And to all readers for that lame, tired old joke. 😀 )

  2. Beautifully written, JourneyGirl. And now everyone’s curiosity has been satisfied concerning this marriage. You said little, yet you said enough. Tears fell while reading. Thanks for sharing.

  3. think this starts like real life and there will be all kinds of sun, rain, dark clouds, freezing cold days through the years…as long as the sun always finds a way again i guess it’s fine..

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