Inclusive Exclusivity, An Epiphany

God uses the stutterer who stammers a resignation,

He speaks through youth who quake in their shoes.

He shares secrets with prostitutes, moon seekers and stargazers,

Visits with strangers of small stature in trees.

He employs sarcastic donkeys and keeps sparrows secure.

Exalts smelly fishermen to positions of honor.

His deep knowledge is grasped by children

And his simple message is scoffed at by sages.

He spits on blind eyes, chases hypocrites OUT of church,

Offends prideful offenders, defends the humble defenseless;

Inclusively exclusive, He is the ultimate paradox,

An Epiphany Beyond Time


Photo by my dear friend from Creations and Inspirations.

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10 thoughts on “Inclusive Exclusivity, An Epiphany

  1. I thought I’d read everything you had submitted, but I missed this post. I’m so glad to have found it. How lovely to be reminded that He is not a tamed lion. “He chases hypocrites OUT of church.” He surprises us, shocks us, disrupts our thinking processes……because He loves us……yes, “He is the ultimate paradox”. This stargazer thanks you for this lovely post.

  2. I love this, I learned a new word today. “An epiphany is when a light bulb suddenly lights above your head. You suddenly ‘get it’, everything falls into place and you realize something.”

    “I love it” !!!!

    • Penny,
      I am so glad you’ve enjoyed this. The Holy Spirit made it very clear to me that epiphany is the word for me in 2011. I suddenly see and hear it everywhere. I have even studied the original Epiphany of the wisemen. Wow! God is so good.

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