Short-Lived Vacation or Why I’m Boycotting BlogHer

I wasn’t going to post…I really wasn’t, but then it happened.  While checking my Facebook account, I noticed that BlogHer chose a very tasteless article to feature.  This isn’t the first time either.  But this time I decided to let them know how I felt about it and that I would be unliking and unfollowing them.

It’s one thing for them to have a love and sex category on their website, but it’s an entirely different thing for them to feature an article about “threesomes” on Facebook.

For one thing, many of my friends have had articles featured on BlogHer and I have been a part of this community as well.  By featuring this type of article, BlogHer is misrepresenting a huge portion of their writers.  It’s like having an article featured in Playboy.  I’m sorry, but people don’t buy Playboy’s for the articles…A huge blogging audience belongs to the Christian, stay at home mother/female, and I venture to say that these ladies will be highly offended.  BlogHer has put them in a position where they will have to reconsider their association with them.

What is even worse is that according to the comments that continued to be made on the thread where I voiced my opinion, the majority of people were okay with the article, and are okay with the ideas that it promotes, and okay with the promotion of said article on Facebook.  I am saddened.  What has happened to us, America?  Judeo-Christian and basic moral principles are quickly fleeting, and I guarantee that other freedoms and blessings will flee with them.  Grandma is definitely turning over in her grave.

I’m done with my soapbox.  One last thing…I want to stand up for righteousness and holiness!!!  I don’t want to let things like this go by!!!  If you are of the same persuasion, will you join me?  I recently read a great article by fellow blogger, Sally Clarkson.  It’s called, This is the Time to Be Holy.  I agree.

45 thoughts on “Short-Lived Vacation or Why I’m Boycotting BlogHer

    • It’s bad enough that its an article topic, it’s completely another thing to feature it on Facebook!! Thanks for commenting…I’m glad my first comment was in agreement, I have a feeling I might have a few haters on this one!

  1. I don’t necessarily have a problem with a post about threesomes, or in some people supporting it. If they think it’s okay, that’s their problem. I don’t agree with their choice, but that’s my choice. But to have it crammed down other people’s throat is definitely not right. If they don’t want to hear me “religifying” at them, then I should have the same right to not be forced into hearing their depravity. I read the blogs I do, because I choose them, and if they say stand for things I don’t agree with, I drop them.
    Good for you!

  2. Great post and I totally get it. With Aspergers I have to be so careful what I feed my brain. It will loop in my head and cause me meltdowns and shutdowns. I believe my dyslexia can be a blessing sometimes because it stops me reading things that are negative, most of the time. I also have to be very disciplined with what comes onto the TV as it will just become a replay that is on constantly and will distract from what I should be doing.
    I am very careful how much time I spend on fb, and I block LOADS. I have to unfollow lots of people because I can’t process the information. I think literally so things said in humour I don’t always understand, this can cause a lot of problems in my own perception.
    As Christian we need to love, but when the sin of other causes us to struggle all we can do is pray and protect who we are.
    Love and hugs.
    Lisa. xx 🙂

  3. Until this moment, I’d never heard of “BlogHer”. I don’t suppose you have a link to the article? (I tend to be one of those “I want to check it out for myself” kind of people. 🙂 )

    I’m….not entirely certain how someone’s bedroom activities would affect the legality or legitimacy of my own marriage, to be honest. As someone who hasn’t read the article, that idea confuses me. (Then again, I don’t see how homosexual marriage supposedly ‘threatens’ my own; I’d still be married to my husband even if two men were allowed to legally marry, so I don’t get it.)

    (I won’t say more until I find out what you’re talking about. ^_^ )

    • I’m glad to see someone wanting responsible reporting. However, I kind of don’t want to promote that particular article, seeing that was my whole point…maybe you could go onto BlogHer under the love and sex heading and find it…

      • IMO, telling folks where to find the article is the equivalent of providing the link itself. 😉

        As it is, I thought the article was supposed to be promoted on their front page..? Also, if I click on a link in a secular sight labelled “love and sex”, I’m not at all surprised to find articles about things like this.

        I think we all need to be careful about trying to tell secular people how to live more Godly lives. I was also surprised to see that not a single Christian had voiced their displeasure in the comments of the article. For something that supposedly caused so much upset, that surprises me.

        I still don’t see how this activity done by three consensual adults threatens me and my marriage, especially since this kind of thing has been going on for millenia. Perhaps you could explain that bit..?

      • Thanks for sharing your heart, and your blog post. I am attending a conference from today through Sunday, but Monday, I’ll be posting a follow-up post on my thoughts regarding several of the questions you’ve raised here. Thank you again for feeling free to let us know your opinions on these matters.

  4. I’m with you, there are some things I’d rather not see; but it is an awakening as to the world we live in, and what our children are being bombarded with.

  5. I completely agree with you, its a shame that so many gals were fine with that garbage, i think the real question for those ladies is….”is that the kind of behavior you would want your own children engaged in?….doesnt seem so cool now does it?”

  6. Amen… You told her girl.. Do not change change your convictions for anyone stand your ground when you feel that something is not right. That is why you are so special to me…because of who you are. I totally agree Facebook is not the place for that kind of what I call garbage articles. Actually articles like that should be banned and not allowed to be shared. There are many young followers that are facebook daily that are going to read this artile…shame on you Blogher…

    • Thanks friend….I wonder if you remember a certain record album, breaking over your head….I’ve always been passionate about my beliefs. It’s one of my greatest assets and definitely one of my greatest faults….:D 😛

  7. Dallas Willard said that in 1964 the Church was still the cultural authority in America. It is quite obvious that Now…. it is not, and we seem to be losing ground daily. Each one of us influences our Now by how we live out our lives privately and publicly as His priests. ….in holiness. My dear JourneyGirl, may you make a difference in the time that has been given you by holding up the standard, the banner, of our Lord. And when your arms grow weary may others hold them up for you. As Sam said to Frodo…..I cannot carry this burden for you…..but I can carry you….in prayer. Grandma has indeed turned over….

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    • Although I don’t agree with every position in this post, I do agree with the fact that we are not to judge non-Christians for not living a holy life. I will be posting a new blog on Monday regarding my position on many of the points mentioned in this blog post. This is very well written, and clearly communicated. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Amen , sister! You go, girl! I also let go of my affiliation with Blogher a while back because I was disturbed by some of the things they featured. We need to stand for righteousness. Much of our world is in darkness and we are called to be salt and light. There are so many people hungry for truth, and much of the media is wallowing in the pigsty. We can make a difference when we take a stand for righteousness.

    • Thanks for your support! I will be posting a followup blog on Monday. I want to communicate exactly what it is that I am opposing, as some of my readers have been a little unclear. Pray that I will be able to communicate succinctly…

  10. It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in and I am glad that God has enabled you to stand for what is right!

    May He bless you for your obedience in standing with righteousness!

  11. Oh darn-it! I am one of this years “Voices of 2011” at BlogHer. My voice has nothing to do with threesomes, unless you are talking about three sisters sharing a bed when we were little girls. I saw the post you are talking about and chose not to read it. Sometimes I see things there that I am not interested in even giving a click of support. Still, there is much to be lauded and many women to applaud.

    I am sorry you are boycotting BlogHer. Your voice is beautiful and should be heard.

    • I think it’s great that you have a positive voice on BlogHer!! I don’t object to BlogHer. I don’t even object to the fact that they have those type of articles. I only object to them promoting those type of articles on Facebook. There are plenty of other blogging communities out there for me.

      • You have a good point, best-friend-blogger. Several months ago, I read a blog post that celebrated a 9 year old girl kicking a classmate in the genitals. She had good cause to be offended. At first many comments gave the little girl high-fives. I was shocked. My comments were counter to the norm, as I there are much better ways to for people to handle. As I stayed tuned, the tide shifted. Perhaps the same will happen again.

  12. I agree with your passion and your stand for righteousness! I’m with you. That being said, I do agree that we can’t expect the ungodly to act any way except, well, ungodly, and pursue all that goes with that. But taking a stand is the right thing to do. Until these ladies let Jesus get ahold of their hearts, they won’t have a problem with this content — on Facebook or elsewhere. Continue to stand strong, JourneyGirl! 🙂

  13. I usually let things like this just go on by, after all, what are we Christians afraid of? However, I AM concerned for the innocents, the undecided, even the unbelieving who are constantly being blindsided by the evil one using articles like this one to deceive them into thinking that this kind of behavior is normal, acceptable, and even desirable. So, Kimmie, I’m taking a stand with you to say that anyone who thinks that sex outside of marriage, not to mention perverted practices such as those in this article are right and good, natural, healthy, and life-enhancing, are falling for one of the biggest lies ever told. Eve fell for those lies. Literally. Her outcome was not good at all. I, too fell for those lies. My outcome is good, thanks to Christ.
    Here is my reply to BlogHer:
    This article is unacceptable, problematic, inappropriate, indecent, offensive to the core values of our culture, unhealthy, perverted, and clearly morally wrong. No good, nor benefit, can be obtained by any of the participants in such activities. Worse, the eventual consequences are devastating. I can’t imagine any self-respecting woman demeaning herself with two or more “partners” this way.

    Call me a narrow-minded prude if that floats your boat, but maybe, just maybe, I know what I am talking about. Anyone who likes this article is being misled into a most painful kind of destruction.

    • Bravo Len!! I think that your reminder of what this type of behavior does to human beings is very relevant as well as brilliant as an argument to a lost world. We must be careful not to legislate morality, because we have seen throughout history and even in the Bible, that this does not work. However, when innocents are involved, we must protect those who can not protect themselves. We need to humble ourselves and pray for our nation. We are reeling with unrighteousness and now we are seeing devastation in our economy and government. It will only get worse, until we find ourselves on our knees. Thanks for your support. I will be making a post about this today. Pray that I will have wisdom.

  14. I’m so glad you posted this. I’ve had some concerns I’ve seen there too. Also, they seem to jump on stories just for the drama. But I guess that gets them the clicks they desire. Kinda sad. Good for you for standing up for what is right.

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