Blogging Vacation

I won’t be posting much this week because my awesome, amazing and favorite church in the world…Family Harvest Church, is hosting its annual conference Connect2011.  If you’re around the Chicago area come visit!!  If you can’t come, you can watch online here.  The speakers will be profound.  They include our very own pastor, Robb Thompson, Rick Renner (a wonderful missionary and Bible scholar from Russia), Carl Lentz (pastor of Hillsong NYC), Jesse DuPlantis and Cash Luna!!

Last night’s opener was breathtaking!!  No words for it.  I’ll post more about it later…and our speaker, Steve Kelly gave a perfect word in season regarding connecting the generations!

Here’s a promo that I will shamelessly brag because my son made it!!

7 thoughts on “Blogging Vacation

  1. Good coincidence. My laptop died, so I’ll be offline a lot as well! 😀
    Hope you guys didn’t get too badly flooded out. Looks like the area where my dad is came through okay. Try to stay out of those underpasses, okay? 😉

  2. I checked your link to see if that was Steve Kelly from here in Va. Beach. Sounds like a great conference. Sorry to hear you have an excess of water when so many areas need it. I know you’d gladly have shared it.

  3. Have a blast at the Conference and forget about blogging! It will all be there for you when you come back and you will feel so much more refreshed and ready to give something new. Blessings, Elizabeth.

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