Spiders, Marilyn Monroe and Superman

Last week, as I mentioned in a previous post, I went downtown Chicago with my son.  He works in the media department for a large international church and he needed urban video footage.   I was not his first choice, but was as excited as a puppy to tag along.

We got on the train by 7:15 a.m. and exited at the beautiful Museum Campus.  The bag he had asked me to carry was very light, but he kept asking if it was too heavy for me.  After getting about an hour of random city shots and walking at a roadrunner pace, I suggested that we go to the John Hancock building so that he could have a panoramic view.  He loved the idea.  I experienced a rare moment…a moment when I was respected by my teenager not because he should or had to, but because I actually came up with an idea that was in his estimation a good idea!

As we approached the building, he held the door open for me.

“I’ll wait here while you go up,” I tried to sound nonchalant.

“No, Mom, I don’t want to leave you here alone.  I might be awhile.  Let me buy you a ticket.  It will be fun,” he encouraged.

Did you know that the elevator in the John Hancock building is North America’s fastest elevator?  I do.  It only takes 40 seconds to get to the 93rd floor.  So chewing imaginary gum to keep my ears from popping, we arrived at the observation deck.  The view was spectacular.  I found a colony of spiders hanging on the the 93rd floor window.  Fascinated, I asked my son to take a picture, because I knew that there was a blog post in that story.  I wrote about it here.

On our way back to the train station, we saw a giant sculpture of Marilyn Monroe.

“Look how huge her feet are, Mom.”  I was glad it was her feet he noticed.

At the train station, my son insisted on buying me lunch in order to thank me for helping him.  After lunch, we saw Superman.  He looked really tired, so he must have taken a break from being more powerful than a locomotive.  Maybe that’s why he was buying a ticket.

Other than the spider picture, these pics were taken with my phone…so sorry for the lack of quality…

These few hours will be etched in my mind as some of the most pleasant in my life.  Why?  Because even though I wasn’t his first choice, my son treated me like I was.  My, what a fine young man God has made of him!

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19 thoughts on “Spiders, Marilyn Monroe and Superman

  1. The spider photo is awesome. The story, too, is sweet. It is a glorious day when our sons suddenly start treating us with such tender care and respect. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  2. I love the image of the spider with the out-of-focus city as the backdrop. I’m glad you had a wonderful day, and are reaping the rewards of the seeds you’ve sown and sacrifices you’ve made on your children’s behalf. Glory to God.

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