Choosing Smile Lines As Trophies In A Plastic Surgery World

Keeping with the theme of a Wrinkle In Time…I am getting older. Being blessed with Scandanavian complexion, I don’t have too many lines or wrinkles, but I am hoping that when I do, I will wear them proudly. I hope most of them turn upward as I sign that I’ve found more good in my life than bad. I am hoping that they tell the story of a woman who had her share (and maybe more than her share) of hard times, but never stopped being inspired by the sunrise, a bird’s song, a blade of grass, a child’s laugh or the sunset.

The post that got me thinking about this is written by my first blogging friend, Adela. Her blog is always so beautifully written and almost always makes me laugh. Please enjoy, Love and Happiness Scars as a part of A Life-Size Catholic Blog’s Pay It Forward Project.



21 thoughts on “Choosing Smile Lines As Trophies In A Plastic Surgery World

  1. I enjoy Adela’s blog so much. Thanks for suggesting it. I laughed so hard about her Protestant Aunt and Uncle. Delightful. Precious lines on our faces…..may there be more laugh lines than anything else on your beautiful face, my daughter.

  2. As a 20-something, I had “a thing” for older women. Grace Lee Whitney was my first crush (Yeoman Rand from the original Star Trek). When I finally met her, she was in her late 40s, “old and wrinkled” by Hollywood standards.
    She was, is, and shall remain, stunningly gorgeous.
    Foo on the “experts”. The lines on your face are a map of your life. And a map with no lines is a useless thing. Wear them proudly, indeed. Even if they’re suture line scars, left over from childhood stupidities like leaping off a porch onto concrete. Of course, you were too intelligent to do that. Me, well ……..

  3. What a great storyteller you linked us up with for “Pay It Forward”. I truly enjoyed the story, and you’re right about your friend being a great writer! I loved the photo at the end of them all crammed into the bus in Rome. I was to be caught in a rainstorm in Rome too … maybe someday!

  4. Funny…the whole wrinkle thang has really been on my mind lately. I scratch near my eye and think…hmmm, is that a baby wrinkle? I laugh (and talk) alot…so I know they’re coming. Thanks for the encouragement to wear them proudly!

    • They (wrinkles) can tell a story, I hope mine tell the story of one who trusts in God…Thanks for coming by! Love your blog! (I hope you stop by Adela’s as well. You’d really like her post.)

  5. I’m sure if you ever wrinkle, the lines will slant upward from all your smiling. I love the last line that describes the inspiration for many of your smiles: … the sunrise, a bird’s song, a blade of grass, a child’s laugh or the sunset. How sweet the sound. Blessings to you…

  6. Thanks for stopping by Graceful today — it’s lovely to meet you here. I like what you have to say about wrinkles. I feel similarly about grey hair. I don’t dye my hair, even though I have lots of grey. I struggle with it a bit, but I’m holding true to my principles!

    I’m off to check out Adela’s blog!

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