Clean Drinking Water – A Simple Pleasure

It’s raining again here.  A nice, gentle kind of rain that makes you want to read a good book and not step foot out of the house…but I have many places to go and people to see.   I swing my left foot out of the car door, of course, my foot lands in a puddle.  Brown, silty residue swirls around my shoe, and I reflect, “This is what some people must drink.”

I finish my business at the salon and hop back into the car.  Twisting the cap off of my second water bottle of the day, I am annoyed. “What a pain.  The doctor said I should drink at least three of these a day.”

I come home to a toilet, overflowing…yuk!  And I realize, thousands if not millions of people drink water contaminated with human feces.

…And I am humbled into gratitude.

Thanks to Matt at Becoming Last for keeping us aware.

23 thoughts on “Clean Drinking Water – A Simple Pleasure

  1. Yes, we are so blessed in this land. I drink at least two of bottles of clean water in a day. It’s so sad that people in other lands must endure so much sorrow and pain. Blessings to you…

  2. It’s so true. We should be very thankful for all we have. The great thing is it’s so easy to help someone. $20 gives one person clean water. You literally change a life. Thank you for helping out!

  3. We take so many of our creature comforts for granted. Having water piped to our homes is so far beyond what the people of many countries can even imagine.

  4. This is so true. I really am quite spoiled. In addition to clean water, I have my air conditioning, my car, a job, a house with indoor plumbing, I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you!

    When my hubby and I were in Mexico one time many years ago, we walked the streets of Ensenada carrying our bottles of water. Kids followed us calling out, “Agua, agua!” It was awful. We didn’t give them our half-drank bottles of water, but we bought their Chicklets gum so maybe they could buy some.

  5. This occurred to me a few days ago as well. I realized I’d forgotten to bring water somewhere and ended up buying a bottle. In the process of buying the bottle, it occurred to me how lucky I am to have water on a whim. How my heart aches for those who have access only to “water” that might poison them . . .

    Have you heard of The Water Project? ( I’ve donated small sums here and there, but I may have to look at becoming more involved.

    Thank you for the reminder. I am–we are–so lucky.

  6. Kim what an awesome blog…. I was just talking to my daughter about this yeaterday in regards to her 30 to 45 minute showers every day. Sometimes I think we take for granted how blessed we are as a country to be blessed with clean water to wash our dirty dishes and clothes and to have a nice cold drink of water on those hot days and even to bathe..

  7. We could use one of those all day light rains as they are a refreshing moment in the scorch of summer. Nonetheless, once again you show your knock that every event is a matter of perspective …. as compared to ___. Well done.

  8. We are really blessed – thanks for another great reminder! I often think things like this during my day, and I feel so blessed to live in a land of plenty – and pray that my heart will remain open to share with those that have less.

    Chloe xx

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