Taxi Mom

We. have. one. car.

My husband has a work truck.  That leaves one car between my three adult children and me.  One of my children has a full time job.  30. minutes. away.  Another, caddies and has to leave for work at 6:40. a.m.  The third, is involved in so many church activities, it makes. my. head. spin.

Here’s where I come in.  I am the taxi mom.  Between the cost of gas and the alarming cost of car insurance for the boys, we have opted to save up for another family car, rather than encouraging the boys to each get their own set of wheels, especially since they need to save as much money as possible to help pay for college.  Thus, I drive. all. day.

One day, I decided to take on a new perspective.  If it weren’t for my temporary taxi service, I would never see my sons.  Now that the time is near for a new vehicle, I am sorry to see this Simple Pleasure and Hidden Treasure pass away.

There are seasons in our parenting lives.  There are the days of play dates and homemade baby food.  The days of chasing after toddlers and plastic containers of Cheerios.  The days of being snack mom at Little League Baseball.  The end of my responsibility as taxi mom is one more milestone, and perhaps one of the final milestones of a stay-at-home mom. Driving them to their destination.

How long will I be able to listen to a Hillsong CD and worship God in the car with my daughter?  When will I again have an hour a day to talk to my sons, with no distractions?  Perhaps never.  In fact, it’s more likely that I’ll be hoping for a ten minute phone call once a week, or Heaven forbid once a month, from them as their lives march on toward the destination of their own choosing. Or even better God’s choosing.

Perhaps many simple pleasures are hidden in routine, or inconvenience.

Maybe by driving them to their daily destination I have an opportunity to drive them to the desired Final Destination, the destination of their destiny.

Thanks to A Collection of This And That for the Simple Pleasures Project…and for the picture!

Simple Pleasures Project @ A Collection of This And That

82 thoughts on “Taxi Mom

  1. This is a wonderful post. Our attitude is everything. If we weren’t taxiing we may not see our kids as much. And what a wonderful opportunity to talk (if it’s a decently long drive). I loved this.

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. From one mom taxi to another so true. This is so strange I was just thinking about this the other day. My daughter will be starting high school in the fall and can actually start taking drivers ed this fall due to she will be turning 15 in Oct. I was just thinking that one day soon I will not be taxi mom any more she will be driving her own car (Thank you OMA)….but she told me you know what MOM I am not ready to drive I still want you to be my taxi for a little while longer… made me cry…but soon she will be driving her self around but you know what taxi mom will always be around anytime she needs me…one day she will be my taxi daughter..

  3. Ah yes … the days of being the taxi driver. I remember them well. I only had one daughter and, as you have, discovered it was a special time, carting her here and there. I wrote a chapter about it in one of my books, “Driving Miss Anna.” Turned out to be one of my favorite seasons.

    So glad you linked up toay.

  4. This is so true. We were in one car for a long time while our sons’ parents were gifting them with brand new vehicles at 16. I was so thankful for our driving time together. Aside from necessity, how often would four boys — ages 16, 13, 10, and 7 — ride to and from school with Mom? It was awesome.

    Drive on, Taxi Mom!

  5. I love your shift in perspective! It’s wonderful how things and events take on brand new meaning when viewed through a different “window.” Most definitely this provides you with wonderful time with your grown children. I find myself struggling to make my now 19 year old find time to spend with us. Once they’re grown it’s like you have to call ahead and make an appointment! 🙂

    • Just sneak out to the driveway late and night and disconnect a few wires in his car…hee hee…

      Seriously, this is a great way for me to make lemonade out of my current driving schedule.

  6. Yes I agree with you. I also enjoyed the time when my son was learning to drive and needed extra practice. And my musical education has been developed wonderfully by their tastes! Sometimes a chat can happen in the privacy of the car. thanks for the reminder!

  7. Wow, what a great outlook! I’m going to remember this the next time my butt morphs into the shape of my car seat and I am unable to straighten from my hunched over driving position! I drive A LOT too and I needed this post to readjust my butt morphing, hunch back of Notre Dame outlook…thanks!

      • Does it ever!!! Somedays a cheek actually goes numb and I have to adjust my position!

        So I just have to tell you that during my 2hr ( thanks to road construction and heavy traffic!!!!) car-taxi time Friday I smiled as I remembered this post and the kids and I talked. My road rage was kept in check and we had a great time!

        Morphed butt colony member,

      • This is the greatest blog compliment I’ve ever had…someone thought about something I wrote and it helped them through their day. Wow! How humbling. Thanks so much for letting me know. Here’s to no numb-butts!

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a ‘footprint’ in my comment box. Lovely to share this Simple Pleasures day with you!

    I’m not a taxi mom… but I do drive myself around a lot of places. My in-car time is often the time I love to chat with the Lord about any and everything that goes through my mind as I’m waiting for lights to change and cars to move through yet another construction site. It’s amazing the conversations we’ll have.

    Wishing you lots more glimpses of heaven in unexpected places……..

  9. Love the photo of the beautiful flowers. I can remember the days, when I was a taxi mom- “Where does the time go-it seems like it was yesterday !! 🙂 It’s the simple things in life that can bring a multitude of happiness in our life.

  10. I had a mentoring teacher ahead of me in raising children. She told me exactly what you have expressed in your post. She told me to have something to talk about driving to all those destinations. So I heeded her words…it was a different kind of lesson plan…asking questions, listening, asking more questions, commenting, gratefully not having eye contact during some awkward moments. Great memories. They’re 25 and 30 now.

  11. What a lovely post. Each stage of life has it’s wonderful moments, I can appreciate how you feel about this change…children grow up so fast, it happens right before our eyes and we hardly notice. I love your flower arrangement; the Cleome’s are amazing. Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment.

  12. What are those tall stems with purple blossoms? The arrangement is pretty, did you grow them? I’m glad you had an “attitude adjustment” in time to savor the moments you have with your offspring as a captive audience. 🙂

  13. It’s all in how you look at things, right? It’s a beautiful thing to look at this as a time to spend with your children, rather than be inconvenienced by them. Bravo.

  14. “Perhaps many simple pleasures are hidden in routine, or inconvenience.” Profound statement.
    When you speak of the destination of your sons’ own choosing, or even better, God’s own choosing, my heart said a simple ‘amen.” I homeschooled all of my children, and now I have one daughter (16) still with me.
    My prayer (and will you agree with me in prayer for this?) is that God will direct her path and lead her to her Final Destination.
    “Journey Towards Epiphany” is a beautiful place to be.
    ~ Many blessings

  15. An awesome post that challenges us at a deep level at the same time as making us laugh. How do you do that?! I totally concur that everything is for a season (and just made this comment to MuMuGB who is upto the wazoo in kids and taxiing and work and no Olympic tickets to boot.) There were days I felt like I met myself coming back! Now I’m alone and it’s a completely different scenario. You’re choosing to enjoy your children and to make the best of things while you can and for this I heartily applaud you. Keep writing!

  16. Great Post..time marches on and things change right before your eyes. Sometimes we don’t really appreciate what we have until that phase is gone and we are into another. By purposing to look at the positive instead of the negative we change our thinking for the better. All of my children are gone and are still keeping God first in their lives. They all work with my husband and I in ministry and we are close to the grandchildren. The blessing is that my husband and I have found each other again in a great way as we still enjoy our children and their husband and wives and their babies. We love how they are so positive and give their all in whatever ministry we undertake. Take it from me each season has its good and bad and right now I’m loving the good and learning from the bad.

  17. Dearest friend, a great post indeed. And REALLY great use of .’s !! Made me laugh and be repentant over begrudging stages and cycles. Xo you have quite a following! Congrats!

  18. Hello! You have taken a challenging situation and turned it around, looking at all the good in it. If only we all could do that in every situations, it would be so wonderful.

    Thank you so much for your sweet visit and comment on my blog recently. Susan

    • You are so welcome…I love reading blogs! It would be nice if we could train ourselves to look at the positive in each situation. I know I couldn’t even think about doing it without God’s help. 😀

  19. What a beautiful post. I love your reference to parenting seasons. It’s so true. Your change of perspective is wonderful and an inspiration. My college freshman just flunked out. So disappointing, for him and for his father and me. But, selfishly, I think the time we spend together as he gets his head screwed on will be good for everyone. I just can’t put a finger on what season I’m in, except that it’s a stormy one at times! 😉

    Thanks for reading my recent post! It’s great to “meet” you.


  20. Wonderful post … And someday, when all the kids are gone and you’re wondering what to do with your time, you’re accomplishments as a mom will bring a smile, then you’ll go about your day.

  21. This post touched a chord 🙂 That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Changing perspective…when you find the right one, everything makes sense. I love how you made the choice coz so often we forget, it’s a choice we can make. I’m in search of a new perspective right now for myself…something that will help me make sense (if that’s what you can call it) of my father’s dementia. It’s tough though…

    I’m in the toddler stage right now and enjoying how much my son needs and worships me 🙂 He’s also my biggest stress-buster! My Taxi-Mom days will start soon!

    Warm Regards, Harsha.

  22. Some great food for thought! I like how you just made lemonade out of being in the car all day. You are right, if there is one thing for certain, it is that everything changes. We have to use that time in the car for positive things. This too shall pass!

    • Isn’t it funny how we always romanticize times past? We are always talking about the good old days, and yet if we could hear what we were talking about during the good old days, we might be surprised at how much we were complaining!!

  23. Oh, my gosh, and I complain about driving to dance once a week.

    Lately, I’ve really been struggling with my “I have to attitude” and trying to turn that into an “I get to” attitude. It’s so funny because this is the third post I’ve read with a similar theme. Apparently, I need to hear this message!


  24. I have been a taxi mom for awhile now. And like you, I needed to see the blessings behind all the driving. I took the opportunity to talk to them, to connect.

    This season will end so quickly – I choose to see the gift behind the wheel.

  25. What a beautiful way to look at it. I’m entering a new season, too. As painful as it is, I know God has just as great of things in the fall of my life as in the summer.


  26. I so agree that each parenting season is a gift. Our kids are adults and now they come and drive me around, when I don’t feel up to finding a new place in Chicago. So fun.


  27. How wonderful, one thinks of the ‘Good Samaritan’ and the enjoyment of togetherness. Since my eyesight deterioration has prevented my driving, I have had to rely upon local transport and good friends who will assist me on a journey.

    May I also say how beautiful the photo of God’s creation within nature and the colours to enhance any home. Blessings to you all this Friday.

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