A Challenge That Will Change YOU and Your World…

Ever wonder how little you can make a difference in your big world?  Carrie-Anne, author of Two Week Worship, came up with a great idea.  I am so excited about it!  Please visit here to find out the details and to participate.

10 thoughts on “A Challenge That Will Change YOU and Your World…

  1. This is exciting….thanks for sending your readers over to Two Week Worship. We keep looking for big ways to make an impact for Christ….when sometimes the big ways are wrapped up in small, simple packages.

  2. Thanks so much I went to the other website and really enjoyed the ideas of showing appreciation to those who you see doing an act of kindness. I also shared with her that God had placed on my heart to start a mini social network for those who love Him and just wanted to fellowship and gather. Its only a week old and I invite you to come and join if you want and bring what you do best sharing God and His glory. Many of the young are looking for something wonderful and wholesome and don’t really understand the joys of loving and living daily with God. This is the place (I pray) that will open those doors. Its called FEELING GOD and if you want stop by or tell others as we grow in just being around Him. The address is http://www.feelinggod.ning.com and thank you for sending me your post. Busy right now with wedding season but I will be writing again soon. Always in my prayers

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