God. Is. Faithful.

So…I was thinking today.  You know the Scripture that says that if you’re faithful in little He’ll make you faithful in much?

Well, I’ve been asking God to show Himself to be real in my life.  I know, I know, “Oh Ye of little faith…” but  I just love God, and want to experience Him.

I had an opportunity today, to experience God on an everyday level.  I couldn’t find something in my house, so I asked God to show me where it was.  Within 3 minutes I found it, (even though I looked for about an hour the day before).  I found myself thanking God for showing Himself to me even in the little things…which got me thinking…when God shows Himself faithful in little things, it’s easier to believe Him for the bigger things.

As a parent, we often say things like, “I’m not asking you to do anything that I don’t do…”  I guess that’s true for God too!  He doesn’t ask us to love others without loving them too.  He doesn’t ask us to forgive others without forgiving them also.  He doesn’t ask us to trust Him with big things, without first trusting Him in little things.  He. is. faithful.

Don’t be afraid to ask Him for little things, it builds faith that He can and will do bigger things!

71 thoughts on “God. Is. Faithful.

    • I used to do that too. My kids would ask me to help them find something, and I’d ask them if they had prayed about it yet. It’s a great exercise to put the hand of the child in the hand of God.

  1. The “little things” are so personal and intimate. Like the axe head that floated to the surface in the O.T…..a small favor performed by a dear Friend on our behalf when there was no other hope. I’m thinking the Lord enjoys doing these kinds of “little things” for us….as we enjoy doing them, for example, for our own children. He who knows the number of hairs on our head, is indeed someone we can trust with our needs….whether classified “little or big.” It encourages us to see His love and care expressed in the ordinary, everyday events of our life. Indeed, it builds up our trust in Him for those “out of the ordinary” events that come upon all of us through out a life time. Thanks for a great post!

    • Oncealittlegirl…thanks for sharing!! I love St. Therese. It is so encouraging to find that we can serve God in and through our everyday lives. Sometimes I know I feel like I may have missed a “higher” calling…but who’s to say which callings are higher? I think that’s something St. Therese understood. It’s kind of like Brother Lawrence and his perfect pancakes. I can flip pancakes for God! Outrageous! (In a good way)…PS. I can’t stop thinking about fudge and crackers now….

  2. How true this is! Why do I look so long before asking God to help me? I cannot count the times I have found something lost by asking for His help. I guess I’m a slow learner. You are right that God is interested in all the details of our lives. There is nothing that He is not willing to help us with. These small victories lead us to fuller faith. Thank you for a great post. Blessings to you…

  3. It is great when you have relationship with God instead of just religion. I’m like you I ask Him for everything. I can never find anything. After looking for awhile I just simply say “now Abba Father I know you are looking right at what I’m looking for…can you please show it to me or direct me to it. I thank you so much”…then before I know it He does just that. He has shown me in really big things as well as the little things that He is always there when I need Him. What I now attempt to do is show Him that I’m there with Him loving Him and doing my part in Kingdom Building when I don’t need Him to do anything for me. Wonderful blog I am a fan and please come visit me as well. Just updated the 2r1nchrist.blogspot.com and the 2r1nchrist.com…working on the radical women of the bible at radicalrevla.blogspot.com.
    keep me posted

  4. Hello, Journey!

    i am so glad to have you stop by my blog! I read your comment on V.V. Denman about how much we are alike as only children and knew we had to connect somehow!

    I already love you blog and will be adding it to my reader!

    Look forward to getting to know a kindred spirit in faith and in temperament!

  5. My best days are spent walking and talking with Him in all the little things. And the Holy Spirit has leped me find lost things more times than I can count. Great post jouneygirl! BTW those pictures were of First Church in Bennington, VT. It’s gorgeous and Robert Frost is buried in the ajoining cemetary.

  6. I love your courage. I find myself wondering if my little mustard seed of faith is so tiny I can’t see it sometimes. 🙂

    And I wonder, “How does God see it?”

    But He does. And He blesses.

    • Duane:
      I think that this is the first time anyone has ever said that I had courage…Wow you have no idea what that means to me. I am also encouraged by your mustard seed comment. It’s a good thing God has great vision!!

  7. This is so true! The little things He’s repeatedly faithful to me are…parking spaces. 🙂 And if I have to take a little bitty cat nap without an alarm, I ask Him to wake me in a half an hour…and He does. Cuz…I wouldn’t be waking thee for another four hours if it was up to me. 🙂

  8. Was so glad to hear that your church is holding a 24-hour prayer vigil for our country~and that you are part of it! What a wonderful opportunity to exercise your faith in God’s promises. I’m sure you will experience Him in ways you never imagined today and throughout the week because of your faithfulness to pray.
    Your post on trusting Him for the little things was great.


    • Thanks Janis! Prayer was great!! I had the 7-7:30 shift and happened to be in the church building because I brought my children to youth group. Needless to say, the youth got a special prayin’ for this evening…as did our country. I love the title of your blog, as I am dealing with an ear that is experiencing hearing loss! His promises are so awesome. He is with us no matter what!

  9. Sis, you have hit the nail on the head again! He wants our ALL, the big and small problems; the big and small triumphs. He wants us to find stuff and He wants us to find Him! I’m happy to hear the lost and found stories here. I, too, wait too long to ask Him for help, but I’m getting better. The first time i remember, I had been looking for a special wrench I needed to finish a job. I had looked in my garage for about an hour, when a lightbulb turned on and I argued with myself “Ask Him – no it would waste His time -no ask Him”….. so finally I said “Lord I’m so frustrated, can You please tell me where my wrench is? Immediately I sensed His smile as I heard in my spirit “LOOK DOWN”. Beside my leg was a cardboard box full of rags and odds and ends that I had checked a dozen times. The wrench was there between some rags and a piece of cardboard! It had fallen into a space just wide enough for it and God had seen it land there! Thanks for a great britepost. Many blessings and may you stop losing things. 😀

  10. Wow, thanks for this! He has been revealing Himself to me is so many surprising ways lately. I’d been feeling all sorts of emotions related to a “need” not yet resolved . . . and as I prayed about “show me the path you desire me to be on . . . am I following you?” thinking I must be messing up BIG time, I suddenly “knew” I was doing as He desired for right now and at the very moment He revealed this to me, He also showed me all the little “gifts” He’d given me JUST BECAUSE IT BROUGHT ME PLEASURE and not for provision, nor for any “practical” purpose at all. A God who loves us THAT much that we receive treats just to make us smile will never fail us in the BIG things that require more faith and trust on our part. Suddenly, I felt both of those more strongly!

  11. I almost never lose things so unfortunately I can’t try this. With God, if something’s worrying me, I will ask him to help me find a clear way of thinking about it. That often works.

  12. When you go into a room in the home
    then try remind yourself / the reason
    for entering the room. // Such being
    very common / it just the brain cells
    fail hold information. // Such comes
    with the growing age./your not alone.

    Put up lists in each room which give
    the wherabouts of items you’ll need
    as most use./ Thus you’ll not get so
    confused /or have to keep bothering
    God constantly/asking where you’ve
    left your keys etc /etc/ etc. Most of
    the worlds people’s are considerate
    unto God they dont bother HIM with
    endless nonsense. // Christians on
    the other hand constantly bothering
    God with every minor this and that
    their wanting of this their wants of
    that / it but endless their demands.

    Try not to get God involved in trival
    nonsense/ use your common sense.

    • That’s a very different perspective, William. My perspective is that I don’t believe that He is bothered by my simple requests, but rather delights in the fact that He can interact with me on a daily basis. Thanks for your comment and for visiting!

    • Matt:

      I went to check out your blog, and found a post so strikingly similar to the post I finished about an hour ago, I could hardly believe it! I just finished a post called Little Boys Prayers about the prayers of my then 4-year old son…and then I read your post about your son praying for Rocky’s boo-boos…Wow! Great minds think alike…or is it that the Holy Spirit has all of us in mind?

  13. Short, sweet, to the point, and a great reminder! We should pray in all situations. I remember my sweet Mama always reminding me that God cares for the sparrow. Any time I misplaced something as a child, I could search and search and never find it, but just a minute or two after a “Mama prayer”, it would show up! It’s so cool how God cares for us. I love Him so much.

  14. Crazy how the little things are what really shows us God, huh? Faith is a weird thing. So many people can’t just have faith, they have to have a reason. God is so good!

  15. I actually just wrote a post about this same topic. We as christians are always looking for security and control in our lives. We look for this in all kinds of places, financial investments, jobs, alcohol and drugs, spouses, etc. But until we trust that God is in charge and trust him to give us our control/comfort/security we will only feel more insecure and struggle to “find” this control in other places. We must trust God in the little things AND in all things to gain this desired feeling. God provides all, but we must trust and seek him!


  16. I was enjoying reading all the comments so much that I got here and forgot what I was going to say!…Oh yes now I remember – my favorite thing is how God makes His presence known when we ask. Like you, I often ask God to be made real in my life. I have a sneaking suspicion that He is always making Himself real and we have only to start paying attention. I think just our asking sets our hearts in the right place to be able to recognize what has probably been going on all along! I love how God will use the simple things, like a lost item found, to gently remind us that He is with us. Blessings! Your post is a great start to my day!

  17. Wow! I was reading all the comments and most of what I was going to say has been said. It has always amazed me that God is more than willing to revela Himself if we will just ask in faith. I enjoyed the post. It really made me think about my own faith journey.

  18. Everywhere I look, I see God. He’s in the flowers that bloom, the soft breeze that brushes my cheeks and the sun that rises and sets everyday. As humans we take God’s creations for granted and fail to see the “little” things that God does everyday. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed your post.

  19. Living in delusion can be so . . . fulfilling. What will you be doing on Saturday, I wonder . . . do you already have a date planned for the other side or will you play it by ear????

    • I am not sure which delusion you are referring to…the delusion of believing God cares about the little things, or the delusion of believing in God at all. As for Saturday, are you referring to the fact that some Christians believe Jesus is returning on Saturday? If so, according to Scripture no man will no the day or hour, but I wish He would come back Saturday, for I long to be with Him. I am sorry you seem unable to experience the joy and peace and dare I say it? fulfillment that I have encountered with God.

      • As such, all I can say is that I am happy to hear that you are fulfilled, joyful as well as full of peace as a result of your “encounter”. I am one of those who cannot partake of such experiences . . . unable as I am to countenance the veracity of a supernatural reality beyond what is knowable to our interpretive capacities. I would suggest you have a look at David Eagleman’s take on the issue of the perception of reality, keeping in mind that he is not a priori opposed to any kind of “spiritual dimension” beyond the purview of our consciousness as framed by our mind which is kept within the physical boundaries of our brain (http://www.eagleman.com/).

  20. Great word! I love the simplicity of finding God in the little things. As a youth pastor, I see so many students trying to find God in incredible, huge, smack-you-in-the-face kind of ways. This is always a great reminder that God is always there, even in the little things.

  21. In the past I would ask God to give me wisdom, strength, guidance, etc. I have changed my perspective to say God, please BE my wisdom, strength and guidance…giving Him all the glory.

    Thanks for your insight.

    In Faith,

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