Communion – A Matter of the Heart


A friend of mine had a tubal pregnancy years ago.  A few days ago, she was explaining the recovery process she went through, as she had lost a lot of blood.  One of the things she mentioned is that the doctor recommended for blood health was Concord grape juice.

Now we’ve all heard about the health benefits to a glass of red wine, but did you know that grape juice provides exactly the same health benefits?  But that’s not what this post is about.  I’ve been meditating on communion quite a bit.

The first thing I’ve thought about, is that the bread is most often compared to the Word of God, so when we are receiving the bread, we are receiving the God’s Word in food form. As I am fasting from bread for Lent (other than during communion) I’ve been thinking ALOT about bread…I previously posted about my thoughts on bread here The Bread of Life.

But back to the grape juice, after talking to my friend at church, I came home and was laying in bed when I sat straight up with a thought!  So, Jesus asked us to take communion with something that is good for our heart and for our blood.  I trudged back downstairs pulling my robe on as I almost tripped.  After doing some internet research, I found that not only is Concord grape juice good for your blood, but some nutritionists and doctors believe that combined with some other natural substances, it is the closest thing a patient can have to a blood transfusion! You can read about it here.  By now, I was very excited.  Not because I’m in need of a transfusion in the natural, but because I realized that because I was bought and purchased with His blood into the family of God, that I have had a spiritual blood transfusion of sorts.  It is no longer I who lives, but Christ who lives in me.  When I take communion, I am receiving a spiritual blood transfusion.  It’s now His Life in me, not my own. His blood runs through my veins!  Wow!  God is so cool.

Not only that, but it is proven that Concord grape juice helps with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and general heart health.  Well, we’ve known for sometime that being in Communion with Him helps with our hearts!  It changes our heart from stone to flesh!

Like I said, whether this has been proven scientifically or not doesn’t matter to me, as it was  a journey towards epiphany for me regarding the elements involved in communion.  I love it when science confirms God.

12 thoughts on “Communion – A Matter of the Heart

  1. I just love this!! He does all things well and with us in mind ( because He is “mind-ful” of us.)..our best interest is always His intent. Spiritually and physically. Christ in us, the hope of Glory!! Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. That was a great post… I could feel your excitement as you were writing, Very powerful explaination of what things mean to you and your love for the Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you… dont you just love the ahhhhaaa moments that wake you up….literally?????

  3. When I take communion, I am receiving a spiritual blood transfusion. It’s now His Life in me, not my own. His blood runs through my veins! Wow! God is so cool. I Like this post-so many times in our busy schedules-our life becomes overwhelmed with the necesity of life-it’s good to take the time-to member Christ- He lives ! and He lives in my heart ! and in all who believe.

    • I know what you mean about the busy schedules. It can be so busy that when we’re taking communion, we’re already thinking about all the other things we are supposed to do, making it an empty ritual. Thus you nullify the word of God by your tradition that you have handed down. And you do many things like that. Mark 7…But then we go to the other extreme and have no ritual at all. If you study Christian history and the Bible, ritual is very important. It is up to us to keep it ALIVE. When we draw near to Him, He draws near to us.

  4. Darling friend – in the midst of your epiphany of the science confirming truths of God – you made me LOL with “I have been thinking about bread ALOT.” You make me think about Him ALOT. Thanks for taking the time to bring faith with facts.

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