A Time For Exclusivity, The Last Supper, Pt. 2

There are many types of events that we hold as Christians.  There are evangelistic events, healing events, church services…etc. Right now, there is a trend towards being “seeker friendly.” Seeker friendly services tend to be all-inclusive, and full of marketing ploys.  Which is great when you are trying to capture the attention of a attention depleted world.  I’m all for “seeker friendly” services, but one thing we may want to consider doing, is having an occasional exclusive event.  An event that is “follower friendly.”    The Last Supper was such an event.The things that were going to be shared were only for those who were true followers.

We do have leadership meetings for those who hold positions in our church, but it seems as if those meetings are so saturated with business, that they don’t fall into the category of The Last Supper.  They are not times in which an experience with Christ have been created.

I’ve done some study on the Methodist Episcopal Church.  There was a time, when this group of believers, would celebrate what they called a “Love Feast”.  At these functions, a little bread and water would be served, but the emphasis was on the community of the people and their gratitude for what God has done for them.  In order to attend this service, one must receive a ticket from their pastor.  It was not a service which was open to the public.  We need to reach out, but only after reaching in.  Jesus did not stretch out His arms for the world until He had strengthened His Disciples for that which is to come.

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5 thoughts on “A Time For Exclusivity, The Last Supper, Pt. 2

  1. I agree. Jesus often spoke to His intimate circle of friends things He was not saying to the masses. This was a core group of people….all on the same page so to speak. My husband and I once met with a group of young Christians in our home. We encouraged one another in our daily walk, we prayed, read Scripture, listened to the Holy Spirit, sang hymns and broke bread together. 5 years later we are still told by those who attended those meetings, what a precious time we had experiencing “Christ in our midst”. “Reaching out only after reaching in”, good thought!

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