A Day Without Shoes???

Today, I’m taking a break from my usual serious note.  Yet, the reason I do this is quite serious indeed.

TOMS Shoes is a wonderful newer shoe company offering really cool looking shoes.  In addition to this, for every pair of shoes you purchase they donate a pair of shoes to a third world country.  TOMS Shoes is just one of the many companies owned by young people trying to make a difference in the world.

Each year they host an event where for an entire day they ask you to fast wearing your shoes in order to see how much of the rest of the world lives.   TODAY IS THAT DAY!   You can find out more about this event by clinking on here.

You are about to have an epiphany.  An epiphany of empathy.

8 thoughts on “A Day Without Shoes???

  1. Don’t we all love it when people find a way to help people….but it especially blesses me when it is a young(er) person, company, etc. that establishes giving as an important part of who they are. An epiphany of empathy!!! That’s fun to say!! I’ll have to check out their shoes.

  2. This reminds me of “I cried and cried because I had no shoes…until I saw a man who had no feet.” Perspective, perspective. We have too much, and desire more. So glad to see the Lord is moving the hearts of many. Having grown up in the third world and immigrated to the U.S., I feel blessed to have both perspective and privilege. My daughters were raised to appreciate what they do have and be aware of opportunities to help those who don’t have.

  3. I just found out about this late last night. 🙂 If I’d have known sooner, I’d have joined! I’ve got the date written down, though for next year! And I’m gonna get me some Toms! Lots of Toms! 🙂

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