My Life As A Single Mom

Thought you might want to check out my other blog.  I share about my life when I was a single mom at The Proverbial Shopper.


6 thoughts on “My Life As A Single Mom

  1. It is wonderful to give help to Japan, The Salvation Army, the local church, etc…but I’m glad for the encouragement to also….in addition to…..find those we come across in our life who are in need and independently, secretly (as one can)….bring relief to them in whatever way possible. Thank you dear heart for sharing about this time in your life, and how God cared for you. I pray that many will be helped through your postings.

  2. Your story is very touching. I admire you for being honest with your emotions. It must be really hard as raising a child is one of the most challenging responsibilities a human being could have. I’m glad you remained faithful to the Almighty and trusted Him even if times were rough. You are truly an inspiration to those who could be experiencing the same thing. Take care always and God bless. 🙂

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