When you think of the word atonement what does your mind conjure up? Do you think of a blood sacrifice atoning for some person’s actions?

Interestingly enough, (to steal a phrase from my beloved Pastor), the word atonement means something different than you might expect. It has the feeling of reconciliation, or making two one again. We were one with God in the garden. Jesus, the second Adam, reconciled us again to the Father.

According to Eastman’s Bible Dictionary: “By the atonement of Christ we generally mean his work by which he expiated our sins. But in Scripture usage the word denotes the reconciliation itself, and not the means by which it is effected.”

How good is our God, to provide a way for us to be reconciled to Him. And the way was so costly. It wasn’t easy for Him, and yet He made it so easily available for us. There is nothing we can do that would ever pay the price for what He did.

How sad it must be for Him, when He provided a way for us to be at one with Him, and we choose to live in such a way that we separate ourselves from Him. He paid such a high price and yet we make choices based on our own desires…desires which cause heaven to blush with downturned eyes. And He made it so simple for us. Love your neighbor as yourself. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

Easier said than done, you might say. Yeah, well do you want to go back to the Old Testament Law then? I didn’t think so! :/

Christ died a horrific death in order to at one us. Let it not be in vain…

8 thoughts on “At-one-ment

  1. At one ment. Jesus, the great reconciler. This reconciliation brought in a new age….which even affected our calendar!! I don’t mean new the “new age” sense of the word. There are epochs of time….and this sacrifice ushered in a new age upon the earth. No, I do not want to got back to the Old Testament Law.


  2. I love the word/thought “at-one-ment”. It says so much.
    Also thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words! I do appreciate it. I’m following you now. Looking forward to reading more of your blog too 🙂

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