Pure Religion

In a cynical world, the words pure and religion seem almost at odds with one another. But the truth is that Scripture speaks of a religion that is pure and undefiled in James 1:27.

The local church I attend, Family Harvest Church, has started a widow’s ministry called True Religion. It is a wonderful extension of the hand of God to widows in our congregation and community. In an effort to be a blessing to this worthy cause, my other blog, The Proverbial Shopper has created a program to help supply these lovely ladies with products they need. Please take a moment to check it out by clicking onto the following link. The Proverbial Shopper

3 thoughts on “Pure Religion

  1. So completely blessed from afar about this ministry you have there! I’ve been asked so many times what it is that I as a single mom needs and it changes constantly, but we always need spare hands; spare parts; help; solace; mommy time; but more than anything just to be thought of. Thank you, from a single mama, for your service to those in your area. May your ministry be blessed in abundance!

    • I was a single mom. It was a very difficult time in my life. I remember heating up water in the microwave for my son to bathe in, because my water heater was gas and my gas had been shut off…I still don’t have loads, and I think a lot of people are decreasing their giving to shelters etc. So, the Holy Spirit helped me think of a way to give without having to spend money. God gives seed to the sower…

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