What Does The Book of Common Prayer Have In Common With a Hallmark Card?

Surprisingly, I am still finding quite a bit of life while reading the same prayers everyday. This is a new experience for me, and although I know that as I communicate with God that it is more about relationship than it is about ritual, I also believe that there are times in our lives in which we embrace relationship through ritual.

For instance, a wedding is a symbolic ritual which brings forth a new relationship. Two individuals become one. I can see how reading through any book, whether it be the Book of Common Prayer or the Prayers That Avail Much, can either bless or hinder a person. If this is the only form of communication I have with God, it resembles a Hallmark card to which I only sign my name. I let someone else say what I need to or feel like saying. However, if I write a love letter to someone expressing my feelings in my own words, they may not be worthy of a greeting card, but they are treasured as sincere.

So I guess one of the things I’ve found on my journey of liturgy is that liturgy is fine, but I need to add my own personal message before signing off. Otherwise, I’ve handed God a cheap greeting card.

One thought on “What Does The Book of Common Prayer Have In Common With a Hallmark Card?

  1. Absolutely. The heart of the matter. My husband and I rarely bought greeting cards for each other, consequently I have years of lovely hand written cards and notes from him (he passed into glory a few months ago). I am so grateful for these momentos of his love. Even the few Hallmarks I have from him I cherish because I know he took the time to find it, he chose it. Then there’s his “I love you”, followed by his name. Sort of like, “I love you, Amen”….or so be it. It is the same with prayer. Both are precious, when sincere.


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