In my Father’s house are many mansions….how can a tiny one hundred seventeen year old house contain many mansions?

When I sit on my flowered front porch, I revel in how my house no longer seems too small in the spring, summer and fall months. The rooms spillover into the neighborhood and the wide expanse of forever sky. My front porch is now a Queen Anne manor on which tea and biscuits are the preferred fare. Even during a storm, I feel sheltered as I view the wind waves power washing vinyl siding till it gleams golden with post thunder sun.

Dinner time comes and I step out into my other mansion, my cabin in the prairie better known as the back deck. We no longer eat indoors, but in the backyard each night, and cleanup is a breeze because the grill has done all the work.

Mansions in houses provide alternate dimensions, snow globe realities allowing for respite in otherwise cramped quarters. Size doesn’t matter when you allow for expansion. There are doors in each home which open into fantastic worlds, pictures of heaven on earth, places to practice His presence.

I am Alice in a Wonderland because my dark rabbit hole, ( or is it a hobbit hole?) has become bright and expanded; many mansions in one tiny home.

These are a few of mine…where are yours?





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