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I am staring into an empty tomb but have refused to rejoice in its evidence of resurrection.

When recently asked what dream I had hidden inside me, I was surprised to hear myself say, “I’d like to be a published author who uses her platform to speak and encourage women.” I had never verbalized the second part of that dream. It was frightening to hear myself say it….in front of other people…people who have known me as a behind the scenes kind of gal rather than a public figure.

I have found myself busier than ever with less time for my dream than in times past, a good kind of busy in which I am confident that I go about my Fatqqqqqher’s business. But I come home exhausted and ready to help my husband, sons and daughter with their dreams….or perhaps just ready for a good book or movie. photo 2

Between the holy place of the altar of His will and the altar of my servant hood to others is the graveyard of my dreams. Each of these dreams has a tombstone; some with worn inscriptions barely readable and others newly etched in stone. Still others are unkempt markers with cobweb veils sweeping across their forlorn faces.

This weekend, my church hosted a women’s conference Superchick 2013. One of the speakers, Lynette Lewis, author of “Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos”, spoke about cultivating dreams. This week I will be sharing some of the things the Lord stirred in my heart from her messages.

When one dream is on hold…go live another.

Lynette Lewis

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My dream of becoming an authoress may be on hold, but I’d almost forgotten about a dream of my youth…a dream to be in the full time ministry. Here I stand in the middle of a God-fulfilled dream and I can’t see the beauty of its resurrection because of the looming shadow of a monument of a dream on pause.

This is why it is so important to have a field of dreams (one of my favorite movies by the way). Because you should….

Have several dreams at the same time. That way you are always working on one of them.

Lynette Lewis

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I am determined to change the image of my dreams from that of a graveyard to that of a field. Dreams should be seeds sown to produce fruit in due time, and just as there are seasons for seeds there are seasons for dreams. Instead, I have often lay my dreams to rest in peace, never to be awakened again.

What dreams lie dormant in your life, friend? Awaken them with your attention. Never fail to recognize the dreams you are living out today just because of the impatience to experience the dreams you wish to live out tomorrow!


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